3 Best Alkaline Foods For Longevity (And A Longevity Smoothie Recipe)

3 Best Alkaline Foods For Longevity (And A Longevity Smoothie Recipe)“You’ve got spinach in your teeth,” my son told me the other day – as we were leaving a restaurant together.

“Oh no! I’m so embarrassed,” I announced – then wiggled my tongue around my teeth in hopes of window-washing out the offending leaf.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” my son said. “You should be proud to have spinach in your teeth! It shows you eat healthy – and are smart cause you do!”

I chuckled at my son’s positive spin on things!

In truth, eating spinach is a sign of wise eating habits – especially if you want to live longer and younger.

Spinach is one of the 3 best alkaline foods to boost longevity.

Plus spinach is one of a few very important ingredients in my Longevity Smoothie.

Sound weird? It’s actually delicious!

In this 60 second instagram video I share all the ingredients in my Longevity Smoothie! Click now to watch!

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I am always slipping spinach into whatever smoothie I make – even berry smoothies!

Why I love spinach…

Spinach is highly alkalinizing – and thereby offers many health and longevity perks.

In my quest to live longer and younger, I’ve been consistently reading about how it’s helpful to eat more alkaline foods.

For example…

The Journal of Environmental Health reports that balancing your body’s pH through an alkaline diet helps to reduce sickness and stave off death from a range of chronic diseases and ailments including…

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • vitamin D deficiency
  • low bone density

Plus various studies report that Alkaline Diets help to…

  • prevent plaque formation in blood vessels
  • stop calcium from accumulating in urine
  • prevent kidney stones
  • build stronger bones
  • reduce muscle spasms

How to keep your body more alkaline?

3 of the best alkaline veggies: spinach, kale and avocados!

I already wrote about the beauty of spinach above.  Next up…

3 Best Alkaline Foods For Longevity (And A Longevity Smoothie Recipe)Why I love Kale…

Kale is well known as a highly alkaline food -plus also has a good reputation for being…

Quickie mini-life-hack: Steamed kale is reported to be more effective for cholesterol lowering than raw kale.

Why I love Avocado…

I am constantly eating avocados. They’re a terrific alkaline food – plus they’re blessed with antioxidants – as well as omega oils which are reported to help metabolism – always a good thing.

3 Best Alkaline Foods For Longevity (And A Longevity Smoothie Recipe)I not only morph avocados into delicious smoothies, I sometimes simply slice them, then sprinkle on some cumin and pepper. Mmmmm! So good!

I know there are people out there who bad-mouth avocado because of its high fat content,. (85% of its calories are from fats). But folks, these are the healthy fats – which are good for you. Plus these healthy fats fill you up – so you’re less likely to pig out on the bad stuff.

Avocados are also blessed with a high content of “oleic acid” – which is reported to lower total cholesterol level and raise levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) while lowering low-density lipoproteins (LDLs – which are known as the “bad” cholesterol).

Studies also report that the “oleic acid” found in avocados has been shown to slow the development of heart disease.

I’ve got many more suggestions to live longer and younger. I’m a late in life mom and promised my son I’d live to 100. He asked me to live to 200 – but I bargained him down. He accepted my counter offer. I then went on a quest to learn everything I could about longevity. I am now sharing my longevity research and tips, in my book LIFE IS LONG: 50+ tips to help you live a little closer to forever. Check it out here!

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