5 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness

5 Ways Happy People Choose HappinessIf you’re feeling sad or anxious, here are 5 ways happy people choose happiness so you can boost your mood.

How are you feeling today? Maybe you’re unhappy right now or feeling stuck in a rut.

Or…perhaps things are good…but you just want to live to your best potential.

Anywhichway, here are 5 ways happy people choose happiness, so you can radically improve your life.

Yes, radically. 

Choosing happiness reminder:

Small steps taken in the here and now add up in a big way later.

5 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness

If you stick with following the 5 recommendations below, then in as little as 3 to 6 months, you could be in a completely different position when it comes to your happiness, finances and outlook.

5 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness1. Choose to improve your health

If you want to choose to be happy, you must acknowledge how very important your health is.

We often don’t appreciate our good health until we no longer have it.

Every day, we should be doing things that take care of both our physical and mental health, so that we can enjoy life and not be held back.

The first step is to get really honest with yourself.

Most of us underestimate how much we eat and over estimate the activity we do – which is a perfect storm for weight gain.

If you know that you’re consuming the wrong things, make a conscious effort to cut back, start meal planning and discover lots of new tasty and healthy recipes. And if you need support to stop unhealthy eating habits, check out my bestselling Stop Emotional Video Course – here!

If you work a sedentary job or know you’re a bit of a couch potato then get up and start being more active. Go for walks with your dog, go swimming, join a yoga class.

Intense activity is great but you can start smaller and work your way up. And any exercise you do is certainly better than none at all.

Drink enough water, get enough sleep and find ways to keep stress under control.

Don’t forget to go and see your doctor if you feel like there is something wrong. Don’t struggle through pain or symptoms that are impacting your quality of life. It might be that you need to have some tests carried out or get a referral to a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or healthcare provider who can help you regain good health and get back on track.

My promise to you: When you regain control of your body and your health, you’ll feel so much better for it.

2. Choose to declutter your life

5 Ways Happy People Choose HappinessIf you want to choose to be happy, you must let go of clutter and stop habits of massive consumption.”

Too many people buy more than they need – because it makes them feel stable.

Or because they’re told by society it’s what they need.

This can all add up rapidly.

As a result, our lives are full of far too many items we don’t need.

If your home, car, desk, handbag etc all feel cluttered, then start getting organized.

  • Throw away things which you know are just plain rubbish.
  • Donate things that are good, but you don’t use.
  • Pass along cherished items (which are no longer right for you) to friends and family.
  • Find good storage solutions for the things you do want – but don’t need right now.

My promise to you: Living more minimally can be really useful from a practical and mental health perspective.

3. Choose to find passion in your career

5 Ways Happy People Choose HappinessIf you want to choose to be happy, you must pursue a career you enjoy.

We spend such a large proportion of our time at work.

If you’re not happy there, then you can never expect to be fully happy throughout the rest of your life.

If you’re stuck in a dead end job, you can explore…

  • Switching companies to get some career progression
  • Going back to college or university so you can change careers.
  • Being your own boss in an entrepreneurial venture – which would give you much more flexibility. You could work around raising a family- or even while traveling! (Get yourself a virtual corporate address and good cloud based software and you could enjoy working from anywhere in the world. Virtual addresses make remote life easier.)

My promise to you: If you can find a way to enjoy your job more, you will enjoy your life more.

4. Choose to take up new hobbies

If you want to choose to be happy, you must do activities you genuinely love.

Even if you snag a job you like, you’ll still need to find hobbies you are excited about doing.

If you’re creative, look at local art classes, pottery painting and cake decorating groups.

Or you could take a photography course, or go to dance lessons.

Have a think about things you enjoy now or have enjoyed in the past

  • What hobbies keep you feeling productive?
  • Brainstorm happiness boosting things which have put you in contact with your soul/ true inner self.
  • Think about activities which have made you feel confident because you were so good at them
  • Come up with fun stuff which makes you laugh and relax to break the humdrum ‘work, sleep, repeat’ cycle.

My promise to you:  If you pursue hobbies which build your skills and you’ll not only have more fun – you’ll meet new, like minded people.

5 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness5. Choose to set goals

If you want to choose to be happy, you must create a mission and a plan to pursue it.

Working towards goals helps to give your life structure.

Working towards goals encourages you to work hard  – but with rewards in sight – so you’re not just slogging away indefinitely.

Set goals in all areas of your life – from work to travel to financial to health.

  • Start with your end goals, then break them down into smaller steps – so you know how to get there.
  • When you feel that you’re falling back into a rut, look over your goals – and this will help you to get back on track again.

My promise to you: Setting goals is a way to give your life meaning and purpose. It’s not only the key to success. It’s a big key to happiness.

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