3 Top Sources of Daily Stress and Their Remedies

daily stresses need remedies so you can be happy againWe can feel anxious because of huge challenges. But that’s not the only reason for stress. Here are the top sources of small daily stress – which can harm our mood and health. Plus get their remedies too!

[Note: I’m a recovered anxiety sufferer and founder of the bestselling video course, The Anxiety Cure.  My research-based tools have helped many thousands of people around the world to find more calm in their lives. Learn more here!]

The business of living is stressful.

We all have many big reasons to feel  anxiety: health worries, bereavement, job loss, divorce, etc..

daily stress can ruin your day, health and mood

Plus there are small daily stresses.

These low level stresses might not be quite so obvious.

But over time these small daily stresses can take a huge toll on our health and mental well being.

My goal for this article:

Help you to develop your mindfulness about these small daily stresses – so you can recognize when something is becoming problematic.

3 Sources of Daily Stress & Remedies

daily worries can be exhausting

Daily Stress Source #1: Trying To Multitask

For some reason, being busy has become a competitive sport.

We all like to demonstrate how busy we are as if it were a status symbol.

For that reason, most of us feel that we have to cram more into a single day.

Multi-tasking has become our new daily reality.

We try to tackle three tasks at once at all times, thinking that we’re being super efficient. But it turns out that we’re not.

Studies have shown…

Trying to work on several tasks at once results in a decrease in productivity and quality of work. Plus an increase in stress. Basically, it’s not a smart move.

Constantly having your attention divided by the latest thing popping up in your inbox actually leads to a greater variability in your heart rate. This is an indication of mental stress.

Your remedies for stress:

Retrain yourself to deep dive – giving your undivided attention to just one task for a span of time.

Far from slowing you down, this is a much more productive and efficient use of your time. When you “solo task” you will get more done. Plus you will decrease the likelihood that you’ll have to go back later to correct mistakes.

  • Turn off your inbox notifications.
  • Block out task time in your diary for one thing at a time.
  • Make it a firm rule to finish one job before starting another.

money issues are a daily stress Daily Stress Source #2: Money Issues

Money is a source of stress for most people at one time or another.

Usually the monetary stress hits you hardest when a large unexpected bill comes in. A big bill can really send you spiraling into a negative cycle of credit and loans – which escalates stress in an painful way.

Your remedies for stress…

It’s a great idea to set yourself up with a small emergency fund to cover any unexpected costs and cushion the financial blow.

How do you find this money – so you can reduce this daily stress?

  • Carry out a regular review of your personal budget.
  • Use an app which automatically finds unused subscription payments and cancels them.
  • Compare your energy tariffs to make sure you’re on the best deal
  • Consider using something like “Smarty” [https://smarty.co.uk/sim-only ] to ensure that you aren’t overpaying on your phone bill.
  • Review all the expenditures you make on a daily basis – and find the ones which are unnecessary. See if you can cut them down.


Having more of a margin in your monthly income can make a huge difference to financial stress.

Daily Stress Source #3: Toxic Social Media

We’re all spending more (and more) time on social media. Sometimes it seems like the only way we keep in touch with friends.

Unfortunately, studies have shown a direct correlation between the amount of time we spend on social media, happiness levels and stress.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Our lives can easily seem less exciting than the filtered reality we see on our feeds.

Your remedies for stress:

You don’t have to completely cancel your accounts. Simply taking regular breaks can have many beneficial mental effects and reduce daily stress.

Plus, spending less time in social media and more time being social can help to improve your real world relationships too.

reduce daily stress remedies to feel less anxious

Reduce daily stress – for good!

Just because life can get crazy doesn’t mean YOU must go crazy. You can experience outer chaos, and still find inner peace.

Check out The Anxiety Cure – my bestselling video course – which you can do in under 10 minutes a day.

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