3 Best Simple Changes for a Healthier You

Best Simple Changes for a Healthier YouIf you want to live longer, younger, more energetically, you should keep in mind these simple changes for a healthier you.

Changing your life is not something you can do overnight. When you are looking to become a healthier version of you, you have to tackle one component at a time. 

If you’re new to my site, hi there! I’m a bestselling wellness author – who literally wrote the book on how to live healthier.

My bestseller Life is Long shares a range of cutting edge research on improving immunity and boosting longevity and clarity of mind. In this particular article, I’m simply going to highlight the top essential changes you need to make to become healthier.

3 Best Simple Changes for a Healthier You

Learning to eat well is something that we all need to do, but when we are looking to become a healthier version of ourselves, there are numerous little components that can make a massive impact. Let’s show you some of these.

1. Fix Your Healthcare 

With a wide variety of Obamacare plans available, you should be able to find a care plan for your medical needs. Unfortunately, as many people don’t have a lot of money, they’ve got to choose between their health and paying a bill.

It’s so important that you look at your healthcare because it gives you a thorough grounding in terms of your overall medical health.

When we have a better idea of our lung function, heart health, and all these things that can be conducted by simple blood tests, we’ve got a foundation to build upon. Fixing your health care is vital to your health.

2. Exercise Once a Week (to Begin With)

We all know that exercise is so important, but the big problem so many of us think when we are looking to change our lives is that we should go in all guns blazing. Exercising at 110% intensity doesn’t help you at the very outset.

Learning to exercise efficiently is far more important for your life.

This is why many strength training protocols only prescribe a once a week effort. This is especially true for beginners in strength training. By giving your muscles the opportunity to recover, instead of eroding at your strength by exercising every day for weeks, you are not just benefiting your strength, but you are also giving your immune system the time to adapt.

Exercise is very expensive, in a metabolic sense. You’ve got to give yourself the opportunity to recover which is why exercising once a week, as well as adequate periods of rest, gives you the opportunity to build up your strength and health. When you are ready, you can incorporate an extra day.

3. Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is so important, purely because the stress hormone cortisol has such an impact on our ability to gain strength but also, this throwback from when we were cave people is not useful in the modern world. It is important women keep on top of things like a hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycles and their wellbeing as it can all contribute to stress on the mind and body.

There are significant ways to reduce your stress by sleeping more and taking cues from your body, but also making sure that you are actively practicing being calm.

It’s not just about taking vitamins for overall health, but you need to remember that when it comes to your overall health, stress is one of the most significant aspects that can help or hinder your ability to thrive. 

When you are making yourself healthier, it’s important to work smarter rather than harder.

This is why simple changes can have such an impact on your abilities in the modern world. This is why you need to remember that when you are undergoing any change, if it’s a slow and gradual one, it will have a far better bearing on your life. But also remember, don’t make life so hard for yourself!

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