4 Super Sleep Tips For the Whole Family

super sleep tips for your whole family

Please keep in mind these 4 super sleep tips for the whole family so you can If protect your loved one’s overall mood and health.

Having more sleep at night can have some significant benefits for people of all ages.

Some of the many health benefits of improved sleep include:

  • increased energy
  • improved focus
  • better attention at work or school
  • healthy weight loss
  • healthier skin

For children and adolescents, having enough sleep at night is absolutely essential for healthy development and growth, both mentally and physically. 

As you might already know, I’m a bestselling wellness author – who literally wrote the book on how to live healthier.

My bestseller Life is Long shares a range of cutting edge research on improving immunity, boosting longevity and improving clarity of mind. In this particular article, I’m going to highlight my favorite super sleep tips for the whole family.

4 Super Sleep Tips For the Whole Family

What can you do to make sure your family gets the best night’s sleep that they possibly can, every single night? Below I share four helpful sleep tips for the whole family. Try these sleeping strategies and you’ll enjoy more and better quality sleep.

Cut down on the screen time before sleep  

These days, technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops play a prominent role in our lives. Many children using them from a very young age. But, while there’s no doubt that laptops can be important to education, tablets are fun for films and games. Plus smartphones keep you connected to your kids and them to their peers all the time. 

But…not everything about new technology today is advantageous.

Using your devices too close to bedtime will hinder the production of melatonin. This is a natural hormone released by your body in the dark to get ready for sleep, causing a feeling of sleepiness.

If you are using your smartphone in bed, the blue light from the screen will seriously undermine your sleep schedule. As a result, you’ll feel wide awake in the wee hours.  The very same goes for your PC, your iPad, and even your TV! So, plan a ‘screen-free’ hour for the entire family at least an hour before bedtime. And make sure that you keep to it.

Make the bedroom a nice place to sleep

If a bedroom is cluttered, untidy, and unattractive, the chances are it is going to have some impact on your sleep. Cluttered rooms can cause cluttered minds. Nobody wants to spend more time in an unpleasant environment than absolutely necessary.

So I encourage you getting rid of the clutter. Plus you should treat yourself and your family to some beautiful designs. Your mission is to create a room that you never want to leave.

Natural remedies for sleep

Instead of using sleeping pills, there are a variety of great natural sleeping aids for the whole family

In my bestselling meditation book, Instant Calm, I recommend essential oils. They’re very effective for a relaxing anxious minds. I particular soothing fragrances of lavender or vanilla that will help you drift towards a natural deep slumber.

Put a few drops in your bath before bed, on your pillow, or in a diffuser in your bedroom. Drinking herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian, and decaffeinated green tea before going to bed can also help you nod off to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Exercise will help you to sleep

Finally, having more physical activity as a family has a lot of advantages, and not just better sleep. Exercise in the morning or in the afternoon will make it much easier for you to fall asleep at night; physical exercise increases the temperature of your body making you relaxed when it returns to normal. 

For best results, try to time your family’s workout sessions not less than four hours before bedtime. It’s a perfect way to spend time together as a family. Try activities like cycling, swimming, or even going for a brisk walk. Afterwards your whole family will find it far easier to sleep.

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