Which Life Path Are You Supposed To Take? Steps to Find Out

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Take a moment to ask yourself: Which life path are you to supposed to take?

Ask yourself with real sincerity!

Chances are you’ll be at a loss to answer.

It’s not easy to know which path we should go down or how we should invest our time in the best possible manner.

We know our time on this Earth is limited. But we also know that it’s long enough to invest deeply into a career or path that can bring its own reward.  And maybe even grant us a living. 

Earning money and doing what you love can feel like opposites.

But that’s not always the case.

Yes, for some, we find jobs which help us to make a living  – even if it means putting our dreams on pause. But there’s a way you can have both income and fulfillment at the same time.

  • So how do you find out which life path is best for you?
  • How can you get started?

Which Life Path Are You Supposed To Take? Steps to Find OutSteps to Find Out Which Life Path You’re Supposed To Take

Sometimes we can feel as if we’re inside a capsizing boat! If only we were able to find a handhold. We could pull ourselves onto the raft and find a way through life. We’d then be happy and productive. But where to search for that handhold? I hope the advice below serves as that handhold! 

1. Innate Talents

Finding your innate talent can be an important use of your time. Too many people believe they have zero innate talent if they aren’t remarkably skilled in something from the get-go. Not everyone can have an amazing baritone voice, or pick up the guitar within a month. This doesn’t mean you’re not talented.

You may….

  • have a knack for communication
  • be understanding and empathetic
  • simply have more insight into a certain issue, such as broken family homes, than others may do

This last example could translate into you fighting hard for others in a social working role. And this in itself could be classified as an innate strength you can turn into something positive.

The trick is not to dismiss yourself.

For all you know, you could one day become the best drummer in the world. What matters is following something you feel you can achieve in, and that you enjoy. Those two things aren’t always similar, but trying to blend them as much as possible will help you find a starting point going forward.

Sure, you may be a particularly strong writer, able to spell and construct sentences with ease.

Innate talents, expressed in the right way, can ultimately lead to mastery. But right now, finding that foothold is more than enough.

2. Finding Skills

Developing and shining in a certain skillset first means being tutored in them.

  • Talent is useless without skill.
  • Ambition is nothing without skill.

You could have natural rhythm. But if you dance with two left feet, you can forget trying to appear in a Broadway show. 

Another example…

You may decide to work in the medical field, thanks to your ability to remember complex information and your innate desire to help others. But perhaps you’re not interested in becoming a doctor. For this reason, you may start to consider how a health information technician operates. If you choose this profession, you can be in a medical field, by providing the best tools and information to medical experts. 

3. Utility & Value

The utility and value of your chosen path are important to consider. It can help motivate you to make it through the hard times of structuring a career.

For instance….

  • Do you have a real passion for journalism?
  • If so, why is that? What’s the utility and value you want to offer?


  • Are you passionate about a certain industry, such as Hollywood?
  • Why is that? What’s the utility and value you want to offer?


  • Are you  interested in bringing information about third world countries to developed nations?
  • Why is that? What’s the utility and value you want to offer?

Utility and value can be defined in infinite ways. Be sure to consider what impact a career path has, what likely roles you may occupy, and if you could see yourself happy in that lifestyle.

4. An Upwards Ascent

Of course, while many of us have idealism and dreams we would like to actualize, it’s true to say that we need some kind of upwards ascent to keep us going. You may be a janitor at a local school, a job that pays well and offers good security. But at some point you might want to manage janitors in your district or move onto more complex management efforts. 

An upward ascent can help you feel motivated, and chart your progress. This is why many people are interested in careers offered by the military or other hierarchical institutions. They offer clearly defined ascension once you improve in competence and prove yourself.

Remember that ascension isn’t always a promotion.

It could mean …

  • finding the skillsets to refine your ability and start your own business
  • founding your own consulting firm one day
  • going freelance

5. What Changes Can You Make?

Many companies are taking the time to diversify their staff, because more life perspectives can only be a good thing.

Do you have an idea of how you could more easily make the manager/artist relationship fairer, especially when it comes to booking and other tour considerations? You may have a balanced perspective on this thanks to living in that world, or having a parent that worked within it.

People who may revolutionary ideas can find true fulfillment in what they do.

Think of Headspace, the smartphone app that’s now providing many the tools and schedule to begin a meditation practice. The owner, Andy Puddicombe, once lived as a monk to escape the trappings of society. He came back with his own unique perspective. He thought of a platform he’d like to build. Then he used his specialized knowledge to bring essential content that struck a chord among its users.

You could do the same.

  • What changes would you like to see in the world?

When you regularly ask yourself this question, you can become someone who creates revolutionary ideas! 

6. It’s Okay To Try

You’re not going to find the perfect career or path for you with one try. If you do, that’s amazing, and you should feel proud of yourself.

For most however, this is a lifelong journey.

It’s okay to try a few things before you move forward and head out into the world.

View yourself as a student of this world. Embrace learning as you go.

For example…

Heading to film school might leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth for the industry. But does that mean your time was wasted? No, you’re now more informed, and can use those skills in other directions.

Anywhichway…please know that I am rooting for you to find a life path where you can be happy and flourish!

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