TBI Settlement: How Much Is A Traumatic Brain Injury Case Worth

TBI settlements: How Much Is My Traumatic Brain Injury Case Worth

I’m a bestselling wellness expert committed to helping people during tough times, so I wrote this article about TBI settlements.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as a sudden disruption of brain function. These devastating personal injuries involve direct blows to the head, causing brain damage and requiring significant medical attention.

Car accidents, trips and falls, and violence are the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries. Ranging from minor concussions to life-altering brain hemorrhages, such injuries often lead to heavy medical bills, lost work hours, and disruption of daily life. 

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With this mind, I created this article all about the many causes of brain injuries and how to seek TBI settlements.

It is vital to consult TBI lawyers to recover the compensation amount for the financial losses. They assess your TBI claim’s value and help you get the maximum compensation.

How Is the Cost of Damages Determined for TBI Cases?

Typically, damages claimed for a brain injury case are over $100,000. However, each is unique and includes a combination of factors. The extent of the injury and several other factors will determine settlement amount in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit, such as-

Medical Costs of the Treatments and Medications

A significant factor determining the compensation amount depends on the medical expenses incurred due to the accident. It includes all doctor visits, medications, travel expenses, surgery bills, psychological care and rehabilitation costs. The financial consequences can be severe if you or your loved one has suffered a head injury due to someone else’s negligence. 

Traumatic brain injury is often a progressive disease that requires ongoing treatment. The long-term recovery cost of TBI can range from $50,000 to $3 million per patient. Therefore, while filing a claim, it is important to see the long-term and anticipate the future costs as well.

Loss of Income/Employment

Income lost due to hospital stay, and TBI treatment should be included in the settlement amount. Even when you are at work, you might not be able to work full-time because of work. You might also have to quit your job and choose another job that pays less. Sometimes the injuries can be extremely severe, and you may never be able to return to work. A professional can most likely provide an estimate of the living wage lost due to brain injury. Professionals take several other factors into account, including-

  • Age
  • Life expectancy
  • Your level of education
  • Current designation
  • Future promotions
  • Missed employment perks such as your pension, etc.

Loss of Personal Life/Emotional Pain

Emotional pain and suffering are part of non-economic damages, which means the loss that is less measurable in monetary terms. Apart from financial losses, TBI cases can also be devastating from a psychological point of view. These circumstances may include emotional distress, loss of family life, and loss of life quality. Additionally, TBI patients may also suffer from stressful relationships and often the things they enjoyed before the trauma are no longer appealing. Your settlement will include compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

The Extent of Injury/Disability

Traumatic brain injuries can vary from mild to severe ones. Very severe brain damage can give an injured person somewhere around $300,000.

Liability of the Defendant Party

The compensation you could be eligible for might be significantly impacted if you had any fault in the accident. Your settlement amount can see a significant decrease if you are found at fault.

Multiple Liable Parties

Many TBI cases include numerous parties, such as commercial enterprises involved in traffic accidents or owners and contractors. When there are numerous defendants, there is a larger risk of arguing over how much each defendant should pay since you can seek compensation from each of them. You will need the help of an attorney to manage this complex situation.

A traumatic brain injury case is one of the most complex, serious injuries. Not all personal injury attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to handle such claims. Hence, it is best to hire a TBI attorney who can give you the best course of legal action specific to your case.

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