Starting an LLC is Easy – Choosing a Business Name Is Hard

Starting an LLC is Easy - Choosing a Business Name Is Hard

If you want some easy tips for starting an LLC and choosing a business name for it, I’m here to help! Read on…

The type of business structure you engage in impacts everything from day-to-day operations to taxes to the extent to which your personal ownership and net worth are put at risk.

Choosing a Limited Liability Company or LLC is more accessible than other business structures like a sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about starting an LLC and choosing a name for it.

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First things first…

Starting an LLC is Easy

Today, you can apply and create an LLC online. Now you may wonder how long it takes to get an LLC. Well, in some states, it will only take four weeks to finish all the requirements and get approved for this type of business. But some experienced firm owners find it easier to form an LLC in California.

Accordingly, filing your articles of incorporation online should only take three to five days to create a limited liability company in California. That’s quite fast for a startup. But the hurdle most startup entrepreneurs find difficult is choosing a business name.

You may have equipped yourself with the structure and other requirements for starting and operating your LLC. But because you want to make your business grow and have smooth sailing operations later, you need to have a business name that “sells” from day one.

Guide after guide to start a profitable business may be many. Still, it’ll all bounce back to your need for a business name that will capture your target consumers. Yes, this holds true for any kind of business – whether it be in software or jewelry making!

What’s In An LLC Business Name?

It can be challenging for many businesspeople to develop an impressive name for their company that will be remarkable to their ideal customers and potential new clients. 

A good firm name is vital to describe your company and what your business is about. It’ll establish your place in the market and compete with other companies. It will also help impress potential investors, which may aid in the growth and expansion of your business endeavors.

Your company name provides you with the legal personality necessary to initiate any transaction or activity associated with your firm.

  • It’s the name by which you are called and allowed to do business as regulated and allowed by your state.

Customers will frequently become acquainted with your brand for the first time through your company’s name. Your company name must be unique, genuine, remarkable, and long-lasting to resonate with the market you are trying to attract.

Is It Hard To Choose An LLC Business Name?

The English language has more than 800,000 words. The majority of these words were already trademarked and registered by other companies.

You need to explore the process of making a trade or business name yours. And you’ll find this process is made considerably more challenging by the many registrants worldwide.

Don’t feel stressed if you first discover that the most common words and names were already taken. You can still find a great name by being creative. You also need to recognize that management people or their attorneys are pretty careful when it comes to trade name applications. The risk of unfair competition, infringement, and other violations of trademark laws are legal implications that are best avoided at the very start of business activities.

It’s not that hard to choose a business name if you follow the regulations and guidelines set by your state covering business name registration.

  • Avoid a name that’s way too complicated or comparable to that of your business rival.
  • Pick a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce for easy association with your brand. 
  • Make sure it’s unique and can easily be remembered against the many brands in the marketplace.
  • Be sure to make it social media or web-friendly to keep up with the trend and easily gain a brand following.
  • Plus your company name should fit well with the image and the kind of business that you do.

The Bottom Line on Starting an LLC and Naming It

Starting a limited liability company may be accessible in many states. The requirements and the application process may not cost you much time. But it all depends on who the people and agencies you deal with are. 

Take your time and skim through the links in this section. It’ll give you some heads up about starting your LLC and business name registration. You may not find it that much of a hurdle.

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