Addicted To Food: What It’s Like To Live With Binge Eating

living with binge eating

I used to be addicted to food and live with binge eating on a daily (and nightly) basis.

It’s something that I used to always hide.

It’s even hard to believe I’m writing this essay now – because I used to never admit my binge eating to anybody.

I struggled with binge eating starting in high school.

I continued to live with binge eating through my college years – onward through job challenges – break ups – and even when I was pregnant – and then a newbie mom.

I’d devour bags of popcorn and chips.

And I mean those family size bags.

One handful would turn into two handfuls – then I’d lose count of the handfuls – as I lost myself in my eating.

It’s obvious to me now when I look back at my binging: I was addicted to food.

While I was binge eating – nothing else mattered.

stop living with binge eatingFood helped me to numb my uncomfortable emotions and distract me from unwanted thoughts.

I’d feel good in the moment – but horrible afterwards.

After a binge, I felt a lot of shame… and regret… and anger at myself.

Plus I felt physically uncomfortable in my body.

My worst time with binge eating happened when I was pregnant.

addicted to food binge eatingI wound up gaining about 90 pounds on my 5 foot 3 frame.

And, no, I was not pregnant with a teenager. 🙂

Looking back I now realize I was using pregnancy as an excuse to binge eat.

A health scare snapped me out of my binge eating.

My doctor called me to tell me my health was in danger – with dangerously high cholesterol.

At the time I was a newbie mom – and realized I needed to get honest with myself about my food addiction – so I’d be there for my son.

So I decided to get to the root of my binging.

I recognized that going on another diet wouldn’t help – because it was not WHAT I was eating that was my problem.

It was WHY I was overeating.

I needed to understand the WHY behind my binge eating – and face my underlying eating issues.

So I went into research geek mode. I read piles of studies on binge eating, stress eating, body dysmorphia, food addiction – you name it.

Plus I interviewed our world’s top experts on stress eating, self sabotage, nutrition, food addiction, etc…

Soon I was finally able to stop my binge eating – with the help of a range of research-backed tools:

  • Thought Mastery techniques
  • NLP strategies
  • Cognitive Dissonance tricks
  • Guided Meditations
  • “Pause Buttons” to snap me out of reactive mode

Each of these tools worked – and I finally started to let go of my food obsessed thoughts.

Pretty soon, my underlying urge to binge eat disappeared – and food lost its power over me!

binge eating recoveryI also lost 20 pounds in 3 months.

And I’ve kept the weight off for about a decade now!

Friends, family and clients began to ask me to help them to stop emotional eating too!

So I decided to create a convenient video course – called Stop Emotional Eating.

This is a self-paced video course – you keep for life – which shares all the psychological tricks I now use to stop my bad eating patterns for good!

Stop Emotional Eating is NOT a diet program.

addicted to food binge eating

It’s a permanent habit changing program!

Stop Emotional Eating will help you to…

  • Eat only when you’re hungry
  • Lose interest in food when full
  • leave food on your plate because you recognize you’re full
  • start choosing to destress in healthier ways than stress eating
  • Be at your body’s healthy weight without dieting
  • Feel confident not only in your body – but in who you are.

Stop Emotional Eating is a self paced course.

You can watch the videos at your pace – at your place – even while wearing pajamas!

Already Stop Emotional Eating has helped many thousands of people around the world to stop overeating – in a lasting way.

==> I’d love for you to be my next success story. Learn more here now! <==

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