4 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Income Online

make money onlineLooking for fun, creative ways you can earn a little extra income online without leaving the comforts of your home? Check out these cool side hustles.

As a popular Instagram Influencer on marketing, let me tell you, there have never been more options for you to earn extra income online without leaving your home!

These days, you can easily make a substantial amount of money from side hustles in your pajamas before 10 am.

If you are someone who wants to have an additional source of income but doesn’t know where to start, don’t worry. I got you covered.

As you probably know I’m a bestselling author and award winning designer – with about 2 million books and courses sold globally.

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So I decided to put together this article with tips on earning more income online.

In this article, I will be going through a myriad of remote side hustles anyone with a decent internet connection can do. Most of these don’t require a degree or prior work experience. Let’s start, shall we?

4 Creative Ways to Earn Income Online

Here are fun and legit ways to earn extra money at home.

1. Sign up on Reward Sites

Reward sites offer multiple ways for you to earn money and get good deals. By signing up, you can then complete simple tasks which will earn you points. These points can be traded into digital rewards such as cash rewards, gift cards, virtual currencies, and premium items.

By performing online activities like watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys, you get to turn your extra time into actual money.

Reputable reward sites

There are many reputable rewards sites such as GrabPoints, GCLoot, and FreeCryptoRewards offer a large selection of rewards.

If you are someone who likes to get free stuff, GrabPoints has all that you can ask for with its array of generous gift cards from well-known retailers. Say goodbye to paying for your coffee again by claiming Starbucks gift cards. For makeup lovers, enjoy whopping discounts with Sephora gift cards. Claim gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and other big retailers. Cut down on your expenses with minimal effort.

GCLoot is a reward site made for gamers. Video games can be an expensive hobby. Game developers and companies make money through in-game purchases. Somehow, playing your hero decked out with premium upgrades makes the gameplay much better.

The site offers premium skins, in-game items, and virtual currencies. If you are an avid player of League of Legends, Minecraft, HearthStone, and others, GCLoot’s Reward Store is enough to make you weep.

2. Monetize Your Blog

In this creator market, bloggers are earning the most money they could possibly earn right now by simply becoming an affiliate or running ads. If you are passionate about writing and creating content that can add value to your readers’ lives, then you are already halfway there.

There are several techniques you can do to turn your blog into a money maker.

First, you can generate income through advertising and affiliate programs which bring in cash.

With the help of the subid query parameter attached to the end of your affiliate link, you can make better business decisions that bring more cash. When you attach it to your affiliate link, you can get a better idea of what links or products convert best, and from where your visitors come.

Also keep in mind… we all have had our fair share of experience with banner ads. They can be annoying. However, they are one of the surefire ways to bring in more revenue to your blog.

Consider an ebook

Next, you should strongly consider writing an e-book your followers can download. While this might sound daunting, you’d be surprised at the average length of e-books. They run fairly short at 10,000 words. Take an hour every day to chip away at this book and you’ll be done in no time.

I’m a bestselling author – and I love to help people to produce their very own bestselling ebooks – learn more here.

You can even…

  • stitch together five or ten of your posts, add an introduction, and a conclusion, then voila! You have an e-book.
  • look into publishing your e-book independently or you can consider using another service such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • use your blog to promote your e-book and drive sales.
  • control pricing and editing.

Aside from Amazon’s sales commission, using Kindle Direct Publishing is free.

Once you are an established blogger and have a good amount of visitors to your blog site, the next step is to offer something to your readers to turn them into loyal customers. For this, many bloggers turn to merchandise. You can begin with tee shirts as merchandise for your readers. Interestingly, you can collaborate with online platforms that offer merch-making at reasonable prices; visit the URL here to know more. You can make an account, design your merch tee shit, and get them printed without hassle. You can run giveaways or contests to make the audience curious. As a result, it will help market and grow your blogging business.

3. Offer Social Media Services

Everyone is on social media–from your grandparents to your nieces and nephews. There are currently 4.2 billion active social media users all around the world. It comes as no surprise that the demand for skilled social media managers is higher than it has ever been.

Most transactions happen online. Businesses must create a strong social media presence just to reach their target audience. But oftentimes, businesses are too busy on operations that they don’t have the time nor the resources dedicated to running social media accounts.

Social managers are the ones in charge of creating posts, scheduling posts, interacting with followers, and responding to comments. If you are savvy at social media and digital marketing, here is your chance at making serious money.

There are a lot of social managers that do it as a full-time job and handle multiple clients at the same time. For a side hustle, it is advisable to start out with one or two clients so the workload does not become too overwhelming.

4. Open an eCommerce Store

We aren’t gonna sugarcoat this one for you. Starting your own successful eCommerce store takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But the returns can very well be worth it. It might even generate enough income that’ll help you quit your day job.

To get started, you need to do your research and find a product in a high-demand. Then, you must buy that product in bulk from suppliers at wholesale prices. Lastly, you need to market and sell the product online at a marked-up retail price.

While the premise might sound easy and simple, it is anything but. There is a lot of business planning and strategizing involved.

You must conduct thorough marketing research, determine your pricing and product margins, and figure out what marketing channels can benefit your store the best. Not to mention, you must also put together a strong marketing strategy. If you’re considering a unique product line, finding the right private label hangover strip supplier is crucial.

Collaborating with a reputable supplier can make or break the success of your eCommerce venture. It requires meticulous vetting and negotiation to secure a reliable source for your products. Once you’ve found a dependable supplier, you can integrate their products into your store and focus on marketing and sales strategies to propel your eCommerce business forward.

When to Get Started Earning Income Online

The perfect time to get started on taking side hustles is today. Side hustles provide several advantages, such as increasing your monthly income, helping you explore your interests even better, and gaining flexibility. Have fun trying out new things. Who knows, you might just be one side hustle away from earning financial freedom.

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