5 Ways To Celebrate Your Relationship and Boost Intimacy

celebrate your relationshipEvery day is a good day to celebrate your relationship. In fact, you should not simply wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to express how much you love somebody.

Unfortunately we can all get so busy with life that we can forget to show the people we love that we truly do care about them.

You don’t have to perform grand gestures. You can simply do some sweet,  small things for your partner -and they will feel your appreciation and heartfelt love.

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Relationship and Boost Intimacy

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate your relationship…

1. Gratitude

celebrate relationships with gratitudeIt is often the case that people forget to say thank you. Or that they are so used to someone doing something for them – they just don’t appreciate it anymore. Over time people can feel like they are being taken for granted.

If your partner washes your car and tops it up with gas every week  – do you thank them? Do they thank you for doing the dishes or making the bed? Chances are each of you often forget to thank the other for random acts of kindness.

Another form of gratitude: compliments! You should randomly tell your partner how you appreciate their sense of humor when things get difficult. Or, tell your partner that that you appreciate how they always have warm feet – and how nice this feels when you’re snuggled under the covers with them. 

2. Listen

listen to your partnerYes, this is a form of celebration. Letting your partner talk, without interrupting, without waiting for a pause to reply. Just listening.

There are two types of listening.

  • When you absentmindedly nod and respond.
  • When you actively listen.

Active listening is a whole new ball game. You have to practice this skill and build it over time.

When you actively listen, you are truly listening to someone with the goal of trying to understand what they need. By so doing, you will notice in the first place if they need something. Or if they simply want you to listen – and not try to solve their problems.

3. Photos

Yes, our world is full of photos on instagram. But …it’s also important to take private photos – of you and your partner – to be shared only with you and your partner.

It’s important to mindfully capture sweet moments together  – as forever reminders of all of the fun that you share. You can even make a photo album of these photos for more celebratory purposes – or just for fun. 

4. Gifts

celebrate your relationshipOkay, so once in a while, it is nice to turn up with a surprise gift. Maybe your partner loves owls or frogs, and you manage to track down a cool painting or sculpture of their favorite animal.

Flowers and plants are also wonderful. If you want something a bit more special then you can check out Tacori rings and give something with a bit of sparkle. 

Money isn’t everything, The cost of the gift isn’t as important as the thought behind it.

For example…

instant calmIf your partner has been stressed you might want to gift them my book Instant Calm – which shares simple and fun 2 minute relaxing meditations.

Handmade gifts are also great. 

In fact, something that many people do is write little notes.

If they use a specific notebook for work, or they have a packed lunch – you can write something sweet and uplifting for them to find. 

5. Hobbies

importance of funMost people have hobbies that they enjoy and keep them happy. But sometimes it is nice to find a new hobby that you can do with your partner. You might decide you both want to learn ballroom dancing or yoga, cooking, or a form of art.

When you are both doing the same thing, you will find you feel a deep connection. The time you carve out to attend lessons – or going to expos – can be an enjoyable joint adventure. 

Why it’s important to celebrate your relationship

Relationships and people grow and change over time. It’s nice to check in once in a while and make sure that your partner is really doing okay. The world is hectic. Sometimes we can forget the little things that make a big difference.

So take some time to think about your relationship. Ponder what you think needs work and what you think is going well. Talk and connect with your partner today (and every day) and make sure that you are regularly celebrating your relationship.

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