10 Secrets Happy Couples Know

relationship secrets happy couplesDo you notice loving couples everywhere and wonder how they manage to keep having fun  – and stay together – making it through both good and bad times? Of course, you might not know for sure what goes on behind closed doors. But if these couples are as happy as they seem, chances are they are following specific proven relationships principles.  Check out these 10 secrets which happy couples know.

It takes mindfulness and commitment to keep a relationship thriving. I’ve compiled a list of relationship tips from my own experience – as well as a range of relationships experts – the main expert being John Gottman – who I respect greatly!

If you’re seeking a happy relationship, it might be fun to bring up some of these secrets on a date – and find out what your date thinks about these topics!

If you’re presently in a relationship, it might be interesting and therapeutic to read this list with your partner and discuss how you feel you’re doing following these tips.

10 secrets of happy couples

  • Their relationship is full of positive, pro-social emotions such as gratitude and appreciation.
  • They recognize and respond to their partner’s bids for attention.
  • They prioritize intimacy and a good sex life.
  • They are good at using humor to de-escalate conflict.
  • They show interest in each other’s world by asking questions.
  • They support each other’s growth and learning of new things.
  • They see conflicts as joint problems to be solved.
  • They accept influence from each other.
  • They can each calm themselves effectively during conflict.
  • They put their individual happiness first – knowing that the happier they are – the more they can offer each other and the relationship.
  • They are connected to other happy people – as emotions are contagious – and happiness is best predicted by social ties.

Below is a poster of these 10 Happy Couples Secrets

Feel free to print it out and bring it with you to dinner to discuss with your partner.

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