11 Signs You Have Found a Healthy, Happy Relationship

signs healthy happy relationshipWant to find and keep a fulfilling, healthy, happy relationship? I’ve compiled a helpful list of 11 signs to look out for – to determine if you have found a good partner – who will last the long haul.

What habits do happy couples have?

Read on – and see how many of these 11 signs represent habits you and your partner possess – and do for each other.

See how many signs apply not only to your present relationship – but ones from the past

When you look at this list of happy relationship signs (below), do not only think about your present relationship. Be sure to think about your past – when other relationships did not work out.

Consider what you and your past partners might have been missing from this list – and how you could have done things differently in the relationship.

Scroll down further – and you’ll see that I’ve turned this list into a handy dandy image poster. Print out this list of 11 happy relationship signs and keep it in your wallet. Or tape it onto your bathroom mirror.

Your mission: Remind yourself often about what you need to do in order to enjoy healthy, happy love.

11 signs you have found a healthy, happy relationship

  1. You feel safe to be your truest self.
  2. And you feel safe that THEY are being their truest self.
  3. You have good chemistry.
  4. You’ve got bad math. It’s as if 1 + 1 = 3 when you’re together. You each lift the other higher.
  5. You deal with conflict without breaking dishes, eardrums or hearts.
  6. Each of you feel respected.
  7. You both support each other’s self evolution.
  8. Actions are in sync with words.
  9. You have strong communication – which means you’re not only good at talking to each other. You’re good at listening to each other.
  10. You enjoy a healthy fusion of partnership and freedom.
  11. Each of you double one another’s good times – and halve the bad times.

happy relationship

Now granted, these 11 signs aren’t the only signs to be on the look out for! I could write a whole book on how to find and maintain healthy, happy relationship. In fact I have…

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