Important Relationship Lessons - You Can Learn From A Lion Tamer

Important Relationship Lessons – You Can Learn From A Lion Tamer

important relationship lesson from lion tamer

Here are some important relationship lessons from an unlikely place – lion tamers!

Statistics show about half of first marriages end in divorce—which is high.

But guess what?

With second marriages, the divorce rate increases – rather than decreases – to a whopping 60 percent.


Often we have relationship patterns so incredibly ingrained in us that we have a tough time letting go of these learned and limiting behaviors.

We very much need the miracle power of new clarity-enhancing insights for these bad love patterns to be dissolved for good.

In my relationship book, “Prince Harming Syndrome” I give a range of insight awakening tools  – to help people start to make new, wiser love choices.

One of my core philosophies for finding happily ever after love:

You gotta think like a lion tamer about the pain of  heartbreak.

Here’s a quickie true lion tamer story to explain what I mean.

Graham Thomas Chipperfield, a star lion tamer with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, got bitten by Sheba, one of his 500-pound lionesses.

It didn’t seem fair. He was merely trying to save Sheba from being hurt by an attacking lion.

It took a while before the mauled Chipperfield healed from his injuries.

During this time, Chipperfield made the choice to truly try to understand what happened to him from Sheba’s point of view.

When Chipperfield mulled over how he got mauled over, he recognized how lions tend to think of the trainer as another lion.

Ultimately, Chipperfield figured out that when he bounded into the cage to help Sheba—Sheba unfortunately assumed Chipperfield wanted to join in on the fight, too. So Sheba attacked by mistake.

Did Chipperfield sit around blaming Sheba for her inaccurate thinking? No.

Did Chipperfield waste his time cussing out Sheba for hurting him—when he was only there to help her? No.

Instead, Chipperfield took the time to understand what the heck Sheba was thinking. As a result, he could better avoid being bitten ever again!

Plus, most importantly, Chipperfield made sure to take the time for this analysis – before he stepped into any lion’s cage ever again.

The Lion Tamer’s Relationship Lesson:

If you want to make sure you don’t get chomped upon again in your next relationship, then you must take time to gain insights into why you got chomped upon in your past relationship(s)!

Learn more relationship lessons…

I’d love to give you FREE tools to let go of heartbreak – and develop new ways of thinking and dating – which will lead you to true love with a good partner.

I’m now giving away for FREE my Oprah loved book “Prince Harming Syndrome” – which applies equally to Princess Harmings! 


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