How To Protect and Improve Your Body So You’re Healthy As You Get Older

protect and improve your bodyNow is the time to start thinking about how to protect and improve your body so you’re healthy as you get older.

Admittedly, it can be easy to ignore what the future might hold for your body.

Most people feel relatively fit and healthy when they are young, even if they don’t dedicate any time to exercise.

Injuries won’t feel like they have a long-term impact, you will be able to abuse your body without feeling it the next day, and some young people are even able to push through pain and keep on moving.

Protect and Improve Your Body So You’re Healthy As You Get Older

In my bestselling longevity book, Life is Long, I share many research-based secrets to living longer, healthier, younger. In this particular article I will share 5 tips to improve different, important parts of your body as you age.

Please keep in mind that as you get older, your body can change  suddenly if you’re not careful. In fact, with many people find that as they age their body gets weaker and begins to suffer from aches and pains.

5 Tips To Improve Your Body As You Age

protect and improve your body as you get olderThe work you do now can help to ease and slow this transition, though, and this post is going to be giving you some tips to help you to make the best of your body as you get older.

1. Joints

Humans have much smaller joints when compared to other primates, making them lighter and more dextrous. Alongside these benefits, though, the joints inside your body are also very susceptible to degradation.

The movement of bone against bone will wear your joints down, eventually making them very painful to use. A lot of people end up making this worse for themselves, putting their body through things that will hurt their joints in the future.

A great example of this comes in the form of exercise.

Running is a great tool when you want to try and get fit, but it can also cause heavy joint damage if you’re not careful with the way that you do it. Proper running shoes should always be used, and you should work to limit how much you run on hard surfaces. Revel Sports knows the importance of wearing the right running shoes to prevent long term damage. Grass will be much kinder to your joints, and most cities and towns have areas plenty large enough for you to exercise on the grass.

2. Back & Neck

protect and improve your bodyBack and neck pain can plague young people. But this will usually be a lot worse if you let this sort of condition continue into your later life. Looking after these parts of your body in day to day life is easier than you might expect.

Employers are required to provide equipment that enables their teams to maintain their health at work, and this means that you likely have access to lumber cushions, standing desks, and headrests that will all work together to maintain your back.

Posture is also a big part of this.

Even with all of the tools in the world, sitting and standing poorly will always result in some sort of strain on your neck and back. It can be hard to judge your own posture, and this makes it worth asking others to keep an eye on the way that you’re carrying your body to make sure that you’re not slipping into bad habits. A chiropractor can also help you when you are trying to maintain a strong and healthy back, with their work revolving around this part of the body.

3. Eyesight

protect and improve your body as you get olderYour eyes are one of the most crucial organs in your body, especially as you start to get older. Being able to see properly can help if your mobility ever suffers, while also making it easier to enjoy visual entertainment as you enter retirement.

There are a lot of conditions out there that can impact your eyes over time.

Glaucoma being a great example of this.

Your pupils will begin to go cloudy when this condition first shows itself, eventually getting to the point that you can’t see properly because of it. It’s always worth seeing an optician from time to time, even if you don’t notice any vision problems.

4. Hearing

lose weight fast love your bodyLike your eyesight, hearing can be invaluable if you find yourself struggling to move around. Your ears are complex organs, filled with sensitive bones, hairs, and fluids that can all be damaged over time.

Most people won’t notice their own hearing loss right aways.

They won’t notice hearing problems until they reach the point that it impacts their day to day life. However, a hearing doctor will be able to perform tests to determine the health of your hearing – before it’s too late.

Exposure to loud sounds, changes in pressure, and physical agitation can all damage the inside of your ears.

It makes a lot of sense to avoid all of these things in your day to day life, working hard to preserve you hearing as you get older. Hearing aids can be used for many people with hearing loss, but this will only be possible if your hearing hasn’t degraded entirely. Wearing headphones with the sound turned to the max each day is an easy way to cause permanent damage to your hearing.

5. Fitness

invest in your health for as you get older and ageFinally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about fitness. Maintaining your fitness is easy when you’re young, with your body working at its best to keep you moving.

Of course, though, this can get harder as you age, with many people finding it harder and harder to perform physical activities that used to be easy for them. Breathlessness can be horrible to live with, especially if you enjoy spending time outside and exercising.

Your fitness when you are young will always impact the way you feel as you get older.

Maintaining a strong heart will help you to keep your body moving as it used to for longer, but this is something that you need to work on throughout your entire life. Once your fitness reaches rock bottom, it can be extremely difficult to make any improvements as exercise will get harder and harder. This leaves a lot of people feeling uncomfortable as they get older without a way to get out of it.

Your body is the most important possession you have.

Thereby it’s well worth taking the time now to protect and improve your body so it’s healthy as you get older. While this may sound a little bit scary, it’s surprising to see just how little work you have to do to maintain your body as you get older. In fact, avoiding things is usually the best way to keep yourself in good shape; you just have to learn what you need to keep yourself away from.

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