Dating People Abroad: Do Borders Affect A Good Love Story?

dating abroadAre you interested in dating people abroad and wondering if borders can affect a good love story? Read on…

Are you tired of the domestic love market?

Bored of being let down or betrayed by the local men or women in your city?

Then maybe you could look for love abroad.

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Have You Considered Dating People Abroad?

You never ever know, the perfect person might be out there for you – but living abroad. They might not speak your language fluently or really know your culture – but if the love connection is strong – you could teach them and guide them!

Do Borders Affect A Good Love Story?

There are plenty of amazing love stories that have a foreign prince or princess and the domestic person searching for love. It’s not that uncommon for people to specifically look for love abroad.

But if you have never tried it before, a few things can seem daunting.

The cost and immigration

The love story of a foreign hunk or cutie falls short of the mark as soon as considering the cost and the immigration challenges. The end goal of any relationship is to get married.

But how would that even work right?

You need to talk to an immigration solicitor and figure out what the rules are for getting your spouse into the country.

There are lots of reasons, ranging from having a child, wanting to get married in the country, or perhaps, wanting to come and work in the country in order to build up a life. Learn the specific Spouse Visa Minimum Income Requirement for your lover. It may be that their talent or experience suggests they only need to earn £20,000 or £30,000 to be able to stay in the country. 

Culture shock?

The biggest concern is not each other, but each other’s culture. You may be a woman of Nigerian descent who has fallen in love with a Polish man. What will the home look like? And what will the wardrobe look like? What kind of music will you play in the car when you go shopping? It’s quite challenging to absorb the culture shock but there are ways around it. 

Firstly, embrace the national culture of the country you are in. If it’s your culture too, you can maybe learn about the history of your shared nation’s past. Were they allies in WW2? Were they friends in a major event, like a natural disaster? Then you could maybe learn about each other’s festivals and holidays.

Living abroad

Why does your lover have to travel to where you live? Finding love abroad might also involve finding love for another place. You could move abroad yourself and live with your new boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

It’s going to be exciting, daunting and very new. You might find that you yourself can’t live away from your family and your friends, so maybe asking your spouse to do the same might be difficult. Could you split your time? This all depends on your job and your ambitions. But mostly, couples that meet abroad, will find a middle-gap place to live so each person is never far from home.

Love doesn’t have borders but it is subject to the rules. Look for the best immigration solicitor and confirm with them, what kinds of rules you have to obey to get your spouse to enter into the country and go from there.

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