Best Wedding Gift Ideas Which Are Unique and Thoughtful

best wedding giftAre you looking for the best wedding gift ideas – which are unique and thoughtful? Read on for some loving and memorable gifts for the bride and groom.

Being a wedding guest should be easy, right? After all, you’re not the one that is getting married! When the invite arrives, you are, of course, excited that the happy couple has chosen to include you in their celebrations. However, you may also be left pondering some critical choices. What should you wear, being one of the questions that inevitably rears its head – along with what should I buy as their wedding gift?

If the happy couple in question have lived together for a while, then chances are they have pretty much everything they need. They probably aren’t hoping to unwrap 15 toasters – or a set of kitchen knives. As a result, this means that you will need to get a little creative with your wedding gift-giving.

Choosing the perfect present for the marrying couple is never easy. After all, a wedding is such a meaningful and important occasion for a bride and groom. However, there’s no need to panic. Help is at hand. For example, for such an important day you should choose something extraordinary. Cigars can be a nice choice. Bolivar cigars, Cohiba, Partagas or Punch are famous for their quality. The perfect combination of pepper, leather, wood and sweet make Punch cigars a more special gift. But that’s just a sneak peek at some of my many thoughtful wedding gift idea suggestions.  Read on…

5 Thoughtful & Best Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Matching His and Her Gifts

Looking for a unique present, that is sure to be a big hit with the newlyweds? How about getting them some matching pajamas for couples as their wedding gift?

Pajamas are a gift that can be worn over and over again. So, as well as being a thoughtful gift, they are also a practical too. Who doesn’t love to snuggle up in a pair of cozy pajamas?

You can also consider a range of other “his and her” wedding gift ideas – which match the favorite hobbies of the marrying couple.

  • tennis rackets for him and her
  • golf clubs for him and her
  • guitars for him and her

2. Frame A Loving Quote or Memory

A beautiful piece of wall art is always going to be a big hit. But sometimes it can be hard to gauge other people’s tastes, even when you know them well.

Instead of risking buying something that may not be to the couple’s tastes, here’s a safe and thoughtful alternative.

Print out some favorite love quotes or positivity quotes from my Life Quotes Gallery. Then slip these inspirational quotes into beautiful frames – and share them as lovely and unique wedding gifts.

You could also print and frame a favorite picture of the happy couple for them to treasure.

3. Be Helpful To The Bride & Groom

Are you an expert cake maker, or a talented flower arranging artiste? If so, you could gift your skills as a wedding present.

Everyone who has ever been married knows: weddings are expensive occasions.

Even the most generous of budgets can get easily blown when planning a wedding celebration.

Maybe you can bake the wedding cake as your gift. Or you could provide the bouquets. Maybe you could create the wedding favors.

Important Reminder:

A wedding is a highly personal occasion. So don’t put pressure on the marrying couple by insisting that you offer your skills. It is best to volunteer – then leave it entirely up to the bride and groom to let you know.

4. Create A Memorable Love Experience

Instead of a physical gift, why not help the happy couple create some special memories by buying them an experience to share?

This experience could be anything…

  • a spa retreat for two
  • a meal out at their favorite restaurant
  • tickets to a theatre show

5. Put Some Extra Happy Into Their Happily Ever After

Share some happiness boosting books with the wedding couple – which will enable them to head into their marriage in their happiest and most loving moods.

Consider getting them a loving bundle of my bestselling happiness books…

Think happier. Think calmer.

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