5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples

Are you looking for actually useful bedroom advice for couples – to help romance to thrive? Read on…

With so many relationship experts on the web telling you the secret to a happy relationship, how do you know who to listen to?

Couples today face a lot of challenges. A large percentage of relationships still end in break up or divorce.  Thankfully, there are things you can to do to strengthen your relationship.

One of the first areas to suffer in a long-term relationship is passion in the bedroom.

It’s natural to lose some of that first spark over time. If you settle for letting it fade entirely, you’ll end up turning your bedroom in a dreadroom – and ultimately a deadroom. 

Plus this lack of intimacy over time will create an unhappy relationship.

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples

I want you to start today to strengthen your bedroom connection with your partner – by trying these 5 useful pieces of bedroom advice for couples.

1. Talk to Your Partner

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples
Yep, the first piece of advice is also the simplest. You need to regularly talk to your partner about things that bother you, share the stresses in your life, and talk about your passions. You can’t expect your partner to read your mind.

If you aren’t communicating openly in a relationship then you risk building up resentment – believing your partner doesn’t understands your needs and fears.

Speaking openly will stop needless arguments, help with balance in the home, and bring you closer together.

Also one of biggest benefits to talking to your partner has to do with “bedroom benefits.” When you don’t feel heard, it’s easy to close yourself off from attraction to your partner. When you’re able to openly communicate, you feel more comfortable sharing your full self with them.

So, be sure to regularly talk with your partner about things that bother you.

Don’t let these things simmer inside. Plus, while you’re talking openly, be sure to share vulnerably about what you want in the bedroom, about your passions and fantasies. You never know what you’ll discover.

2. Stop Rushing

When you have chores and worries, it’s easy to rush to the finish line when you’re in the bedroom. While that might be fun every once in a while, you lose a lot of the magic (and the pleasure!) along the way. Slow down.

Remember what it was like to be young and in the thralls of passion. Remember: It’s perfectly okay to take your time in the bedroom. Your laundry can wait.

3. Work on Body Positivity

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples
When you don’t feel confident in your body, this can impact your ability to let go in the bedroom. We all have self-esteem issues from time to time. It’s a normal part of being a human.

However, you must learn to trust your partner cares about the full you – mind, body and spirit. They love you for who you are – looks and all.

They’re likely thrilled to have you join them in bed.

They don’t care if you’re a few pounds from your goal weight. Embrace what it is that makes you feel confident and special.

Don’t be afraid to take some extra time to make yourself look your best for your partner. You might try lingerie from Three Wishes to give yourself all the right curves. Or you might experiment with your hair, makeup and perfume before things get hot and steamy.

Regularly treat yourself to a range of self care habits which make you feel at your most beautiful – so you feel in your full power.

4. Schedule Romance

It might not seem like a turn on to pencil in your time for physical intimacy, but it’s much more appealing than it sounds.

First, it’s not always easy to make time for intimacy. If you and your partner both have busy schedules, you can quickly lose sight of your time together.

When you choose to schedule your time, you make sure there’s enough time to reconnect physically.

In addition, it gives you a fun secret to look forward to – so you’ll be amped up with desire by the time your scheduled time comes around.

5. Stop the Bedroom Distractions

5 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Are  you and your partner spending endless time scrolling through social media right before you fall asleep in bed?

Set firm rules in the bedroom. Your bed should for sleeping and intimacy – not for social media and  Netflix.

Remember: When you give in to these distractions, you train your bodies to focus on things other than sleep and connecting with your partner. So, when you get into bed together, be sure to turn off the TV and other technology.

Take this time at the end of every day to be fully present with one another – whether that means cuddling – or more.

Start Ysing This Bedroom Advice For Couples Tonight

Staying together means finding a way to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. These tips above aren’t secrets to a perfect relationship. Like anything else, creating a fulfilling relationships takes a range of habits – and mindful time. Make sure you savor what you have with your significant other so you don’t risk losing the spark entirely.

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