Are They Cheating? 25 Love Tools To Help You To Spot A 2-Timer!

Do you find yourself wondering: Are they cheating? If so, here love tools to help you to spot a 2-timer! Read on…

Are They Cheating

You met someone you’re excited about who seems excited about you. Except… you’re starting to get a sneaky feeling they might be sneaking around on you.

You wonder…

Are they cheating?

Here’s some tips collected from a range of friends (both men and women) and my own ex-files – which help you to better know if your new crush is trying to have two pieces of cake – and eat them both too!

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

I am also the founder of the therapist recommended online course called Broken Heart Recovery.

I love sharing tools to help people enjoy happy relationships.

With this mind, in this article, I will explore how to spot a 2-timer and answer that nagging question: “Are they cheating? Or am I simply paranoid?!”

Are They Cheating? Signs To Spot a 2-Timer!

1. They never invite you to dinner in their neighborhood. At first this might seem generous, but after a few dates this morphs into dubious behavior.

2. They prefer to stay at your apartment – giving you lame excuses for why you can’t come to theirs.

3. They push you to sleep with them very, very quickly. (This might be because their paramour is conveniently out of town, and they don’t want to waste the free night’s opportunity.)

4. Some of their compliments sound cliché and memorized. If they walk and quack like a player, they could indeed be a player.

5. They go on a lot of business trips – even on weekends.

6. When away on business, they don’t give you details about what they’re doing.

7. When away on business, they never tell you the hotel name or hotel phone number.

8. You start to notice that they prefer to email you rather than call you. (This could be because their paramour is in the other room.)

9. Often when they call you they (a) keep the calls short (b) jump off abruptly (c) speak in a low voice.

are they cheating spot a 2-timer10. When you first meet this love interest, they only give you their office number — and are even very slow in giving their cellnumber (They don’t want you to call them when they’re with their paramour.) If they’re involved with someone they’re not married to, they could still give you their home number, but you wind up hearing them often claiming they were asleep or out on business dinners when you called.

11. They’re often not available on weekends or national holiday– claiming business needs – or that they’re tight with their family – and their family has a lot on their emotional bandwith.

12. They are always working lots of late nights at the office – but not available to chat – only to text or email.

More Signs They Are Cheating…

13. They’re very vague with details about past relationships. (This could be because their ex-paramour is actually a now-paramour.)

14. They repeat the same stories – because they’ve forgotten who they’ve told what.

15. When they’re with you they give frequent excuses to go for little walks with their cellphone. For example, they claim they have a business call and there’s bad cellphone reception where you are sitting. Or they seem to go to the restroom far too frequently — and for far too long.

16. When they’re with you, they don’t want to pick up certain calls in your presence. At first you might find this to be a huge compliment…but at a certain point you start to feel they’re a bit extreme about not taking calls.

17. When they’re with you, they’re constantly on-line. When you go to bed, they head on-line.

18. If they’re on-line and you come into the room, they immediately close the window on their computer

19. When they’re away from you, they set the phone to go directly to voicemail.

20. They hide their cellphone from you.

21. They delete all their texts, evidence of any incoming/outgoing calls, emails, url histories, and any kind of caller ID.

22. Their co-workers or friends seem a bit uncomfortable in your company.

23. They have friends who are cheaters. (Often a group of immoral friends can work as a support system for each other’s immoral activities.)

24. They suddenly suggest a new sexual technique.

25. They cheated in past relationships. Statistically speaking, cheaters are suspect for cheating again.

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