How To Make Wiser Choices and Decisions Which Make You Happier

How To Make Wiser Choices Which Make You Happier

Here are some insights on how to make wiser choices and better decisions which make you happier.  

Your life is a blending of the choices and decisions you make. If you want to improve yourself, you need to start making wiser choices and better decisions.

In general, you need to make conscious choices which are based on wise motives and priorities. Meaning?

Wise choices are based on…

  • good values
  • longterm results
  • loving motives
  • staying true to your heart

In order to remain a wise decision maker, you must make sure your decisions are not overly influenced by your fears.

Basically, you must stop allowing your worries to override your happiness.

How? You must become mindful of these two methods of thinking – which lead you to make decisions in your life. 

1. You can make decisions inspired by your FEARS

  • This is when you have a scarcity mentality and a negative mindset. Your lens is aimed on uncertainty, insecurity and limiting beliefs about the world’s offerings.
  • This method of thinking can often sidetrack you from making wise decisions.

2. You can make decisions inspired by desire for GROWTH

  • This is when you have an abundance mentality and a positive mindset.  Your lens is aimed at all of your inner strengths and all which the world has to offer.
  • This method of thinking is more likely to lead you to wise decisions.

have the courage to Make Wiser Choices Which Make You Happier In other words… growth directed people (unlike fear directed people) live their lives by choosing to move towards what interests them, enthuses them, inspires them.

Growth directed people (unlike fear directed people) don’t allow uncertainty to distract them.

Of course, growth directed people also feel fear – and consider the dangers of a choice.

3. You can make decisions inspired by your MENTORS.

  • This method of thinking can help you emulate the lifestyle of a successful person or lifestyle influencers. If someone you look up to has a life you admire, then emulating them can lead to happiness. However, you need to choose your heroes wisely and ensure they live a simple, honest life. Choose one who lives a real life without fantasies.
  • Look at what careers they did that led to a successful life and consider such fields to inspire you. Additionally, start thinking like them. You can do so by reading books they may have written, watching them on social media platforms where they advise people, and offer support. 

But growth directed people don’t allow fear to be their overriding choice maker.

Growth directed people consider how to supersize their skills and courage, so they can move through their fear.

For example Growth directed people (unlike fear directed people) are always seeking to learn and grow so they look to research for guidance. This attitude comes in handy when starting a new business or expanding your product line – even with daring items such as mushroom spores.  When you’re directed by growth, you do your due diligence. You know that with the appropriate and targeted research, your grow mindset will help you to grow your business.

As a result, growth directed people are far more likely to choose wisely when it comes to people, jobs, events, and things that bring them true contentment and happiness.

It should thereby be no surprise that growth directed people (compared to fear directed people) are far more…

Plus growth directed people are less…

So, how can you make wiser choices?

  • anais nin wise choice based on courageBecome growth-directed – and try to avoid making fear-directed decisions.
  • Be mindful: Many of the choices you make in life are due to fear of the unknown, comfort, habit, familiarity. This can keep your life small.
  • Consider the wisdom in this Anais Nin quote: “One’s life shrinks or expands according to your courage.”

Today, take a moment to look at how you make decisions — small, medium and large. Then ask yourself the following 3 questions to determine if you are making wise decisions.

3 questions to help you make wiser choices

  1. Are you looking at what you seek to gain as a thriving, growing person – or what you want to avoid losing?
  2. Are you considering what will bring you the most happiness, love, passion, growth? Or are you staring only at what will ensure you the least amount of pain, change, uncertainty?
  3. Are you in your present job, relationship, home, lifestyle because you are happiness and growth directed – or simply fear directed?

Your New Mission For Making Wiser Choices:

  • Be a choosier choice chooser! Today decide to make wiser choices. Do what you can to start considering more growth directed life decisions – so you’re not simply living a life based on fear!

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