How To Make Wiser Choices Which Make You Happier-Karen Salmansohn

How To Make Wiser Choices Which Make You Happier

How To Make Wiser Choices Which Make You Happier…. Read on…

There are two ways you can make decisions in your life…

(1) You can make decisions inspired by your FEARS

When you’re focused on FEAR you wind up having a scarcity mentality, and a lens aimed on uncertainty and limiting beliefs about the world’s offerings and your abilities for attainment.

(2) You can make decisions inspired by desire for PLEASURE

When you’re focused on PLEASURE you have a lens aimed at your personal happiness and personal growth. You wind up finding yourself in a more positive mindset – and thereby you’re likely to maintain an abundance mentality on what the world has to offer and your ability to stretch towards opportunities.


Pleasure-directed people live their lives by choosing to move towards what interests them, enthuses them, inspires them…instead of letting fear and uncertainty distract them.

make you happier

How to make wiser choices which make your happier… Read on…

It should therefore be no biggie surprise to learn that pleasure-directed people tend to be:

(1) MORE happy

(2) MORE balanced,

(3) MORE centered

(4) LESS controlling

(5) LESS vindictive

(6) LESS jealous

Plus, because pleasure-directed people are more in touch with the needs and desires of their authentic self, they’re more likely to choose people, jobs, events, things that bring them true contentment.

Translation? When you make fear-directed decisions you wind up not only doing what you can to avoid pain, you also wind up avoiding the most fulfulling outcome!

Today, take a moment to look at how you make decisions — small, medium and large.

 If You Want To Make Wiser Choices Which Lead To The Most Happiness, Ask Yourself the Following 3 Questions:

1. Do you tend to look at what you seek to gain — or what you want to avoid losing?

2. Do you tend to look at what will bring you the most happiness, love, passion — or do you look at what will ensure you the least amount of pain, change, uncertainty?

3. Are you in your present job, relationship, home, lifestyle because you are PLEASURE-DIRECTED or FEAR-DIRECTED?

Today decide to do what you can to start making more PLEASURE-DIRECTED life decisions!

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