Feeling resentment? Learn from this “snake mistake” story!

If you’re feeling resentment, you will want to read and learn from this snake mistake story! This is a powerful fable to motivate you to let it go and move on!

There once was a woman who was wandering in the desert and was bitten by a poisonous snake.

All she could think about was how angry she was at this poisonous snake for biting her – and how angry she was at herself for wandering in the desert.

As a result, she could not relax, forgive the snake, forgive herself – and move on!

Basically, because she was so resentful, her mind was unable to calmly remember that there was a solution to this poison problem – a solution which could save her life.

All she simply needed to do was suck out the poison from her arm, as she’d learned to do years ago.

Unfortunately this woman could not remember this simple solution – because she was so focused on being grumble-grumble angry at the snake and herself.

She passed away.

The end!

The lesson learned?

Forgiveness is a panacea for whatever ails you.

Forgiveness clears your mind to find solutions and new, better paths to take.

Resentment simply hurts you – not your offender.

In Summary:

  • When you focus on anger and resentment, you simply get more anger and resentment. And you feel crappier.
  • But when you master your mindset – and focus on looking for solutions, opportunities, insights, lessons learned and self growth… you wind up getting solutions, opportunities, insights, lessons learned, self growth! And you feel happier!

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