How To Forgive Past Blunders And Challenges

How To Forgive Past Blunders And Challenges
I call my now-8-year-old son Ari many things.

  • Magical hug-giver
  • The funniest boy in the world
  • Kindness rockstar
  • My Reset Button

As far as “Reset Button” – I don’t call him this out loud to his face.

I don’t even think I’ve said this expression out loud to anybody – ever.

In fact this is the first time I’ve ever expressed this “Reset Button” concept anywhere.

But I’ve felt the feeling of my son as my “Reset Button” for many years now.

What the heck do I mean by a “Reset Button”?

It means I can forgive any of my past forehead-slapping blunders and crappy challenges which occurred before my son was born – because everything had to happen when and how it happened for my son to be born.

If I didn’t do (or not do) whatever transpired before I gave birth to my son, well, then I’d never give birth to my son. 

How To Forgive Past Blunders And Challenges
I absolutely feel a palooza of gratitude for giving birth to my son.

And so I think of my son as my “Reset Button” – erasing all regret about blunders and challenges from before August 2010 (when he arrived into this world).

I had to stumble, have my heart broken, do dumb-ass business mistakes, make idiotic real estate moves – because it morphed together to create a shambly glass-shattered path which led me to my Magical hug-giver, funniest boy in the world, kindness rockstar, miracle child.

It’s now March 2018 – almost 8 years since my son Ari was born.

Finally – I experienced another “Reset Button” – in the form a of a human named Shelly Lipton – who’s now my Managing Partner on Masters In Life – my new video learning site.

How To Forgive Past Blunders And Challenges

I feel so lucky that we re-connected when we did – so we could work together to launch Masters In Life – when we did – because the world is craving video now-more-than-ever as it’s favorite mode for learning!

I consider re-connecting with Shelly to launch Masters in Life my latest Reset Button. Everything from 2010 – 2018 had to be exactly as it was – problems and all –  to bring me to this moment.

My questions to YOU:

  • What are your “Reset Buttons”? 
  • Do you acknowledge your “Reset Buttons” with the appropriate gratitude and revelry? 
  • Have you properly used your “Reset Buttons” to erase any nagging doubts about why things had to happen as they did?

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