How To Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes And Challenges

forgive yourself for past mistakes and love the people in your life

Want to forgive yourself for past mistakes – and release emotional pain once and for all? Learn how to create a metaphorical “Reset Button” and feel more inner peace.

I call my now-8-year-old son Ari many things.

  • Magical hug-giver
  • The funniest boy in the world
  • Kindness rockstar
  • My Reset Button

As far as “Reset Button,” I don’t call him this out loud to his face.

I don’t even think I’ve said this expression out loud to anybody – ever.

But I’ve felt the feeling of my son as my “Reset Button” for many years now.

What the heck do I mean by a “Reset Button”?

forgive yourself by trying a reset button and appreciating what you haveIt means I can forgive any of my past forehead-slapping blunders and crappy challenges which occurred before my son was born.

After all, everything had to happen when and how it happened for my son to be born.

If I didn’t do (or not do) whatever transpired before I gave birth to my son, well, then I’d never give birth to my son. 

I absolutely feel a palooza of gratitude for giving birth to my son.

giving birth to my son ari helped me to forgive myself for the pastAnd so I think of my son as my “Reset Button.” 

His birth erases all regret about blunders and challenges from before August 2010 (when he arrived into this world).

I had to stumble, have my heart broken, do dumb-ass business mistakes, make idiotic real estate moves.

All of these messy events were necessary in order  to create a shambly glass-shattered path which led me to my Magical hug-giver, funniest boy in the world, kindness rockstar, miracle child.

If you want to forgive yourself, ask these questions:

  • What are your “Reset Buttons”? 
  • Do you acknowledge your “Reset Buttons” with the appropriate gratitude and revelry? 
  • Have you properly used your “Reset Buttons” to erase any nagging doubts about why things had to happen as they did?

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