A Homebuyer’s Guide To A Complete Plumbing Inspection

A Homebuyer's Guide To A Complete Plumbing Inspection

If you’re a new homebuyer you will appreciate this guide to a complete plumbing inspection so you protect your home investment.

A home inspection is one of the most critical aspects of buying a house.

While not every inspection will find something wrong with the property, inspections can help homeowners become proactive and identify problems before they get worse. 

A home inspection obviously involves inspecting various interior and exterior parts of a home, from the foundation to the electrician systems, HVAC system, plumbing, and certain structural components.

However, homebuyers may want to have certain inspections done individually, and as you might have guessed, plumbing inspection qualifies to be in this category. 

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So I put together this guide for homebuyers on how to make sure you’re doing a complete plumbing inspection.

Coming up I will cover a few important things homebuyers should know when planning a plumbing inspection. 

What Is A Plumbing Inspection and What Does It Entail?

A plumbing inspection can simply be defined as the process in which the plumbing system in a home or commercial building is evaluated by a licensed inspector to ensure it is up to code and functioning properly.

A complete plumbing inspection typically includes a visual inspection of all accessible pipes, fixtures, and fittings. It also includes an assessment of the drainage system to check for leaks or blockages. The inspector may also take measurements and take photos for documentation purposes, after which you are provided with a detailed report of the plumbing inspection.

The Importance of Getting a Plumbing Inspection Done Before Buying a House

Inspecting the plumbing systems before buying a home can have numerous immediate benefits as well as down the line. If plumbing problems such as leaks are detected through the inspection, it can bring your home purchase costs down by a considerable margin if you choose to finance the repairs. Some plumbing problems may also be a warning sign for major problems like foundation damage or structural integrity issues.

While performing one will probably help lower your home purchase costs, getting a plumbing inspection before purchasing a home is a good way to avoid unforeseen yet potentially serious issues like mold infestation or water damage to the property once you’ve moved in.

The Cost of Getting a Plumbing Inspection 

excited to go homeProper budgeting is inarguably among the most important elements of buying a home.

And oftentimes, this means having an account of the various costs you need to take care of. 

In this respect, the cost of a plumbing inspection can vary depending on the size and age of the home, as well as the location of the home and the plumbing inspector you hire.

While the costs may go as low as $70 to as high as $430 for a single inspection, most sources peg the average cost of plumbing costs at between $200 and 400 in the US depending on the earlier mentioned factors.

Questions to Ask a Plumbing Inspector before Hiring Them 

When looking for a plumbing inspector, you will obviously have to consider several candidates before narrowing down your options. In the process, you will want to ask several important questions to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

love turns a house into a homeThese questions will help you determine if the inspector is qualified and knowledgeable enough to do a thorough job inspecting your potential new home.

They might also come in handy when looking for a trustworthy plumbing repair service in case you have to cover any damages revealed by the inspection report.

  • What’s your experience in the industry? 

This means finding out how long the inspector has been in business. You want to make sure they have enough experience to know what they are doing, putting your safety and financial interests in mind. A highly experienced plumbing inspector is more likely to provide you with an accurate report.

  • Do you have any references from past clients? 

This question seeks to determine if the inspector is reputable, reliable, and easy to work with. You can go ahead and ask for the contacts of the said references and get in touch with them for confirmation purposes. Don’t forget to check online reviews and testimonials from review sites and platforms like Google My Business where applicable. 

  • Are you certified and insured? 

Seek to know if your potential inspector is certified in your state, country, or internationally by an organization such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (IACHI). This certification is voluntary, but it does require the inspector to pass a written exam and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

  • Are you insured? 

You want to work with an insured plumbing inspector. This is important in case anything is damaged or someone gets hurt during the inspection.

  • What are your rates? 

It’s also crucial to determine from the inspector what his or her fees are for the service. The last thing you want is to be hit with absurdly high and unexpected fees after the inspection is done.

  • What will the plumbing inspection report entail? 

Finally, ask what kind of report you will receive after the inspection is complete. A good inspector will provide you with a detailed report that includes photos and explanations of any problems they found.

A complete plumbing inspection can be a great way to protect your property and investment as a homebuyer. Whether you’re buying a previously occupied home, a fixer-upper, or a new construction, this guide can help you protect your own safety, your property, and your investment when buying a home.

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