Top Problems Parents Face With Teens And Helpful Habits To Mend Issues

Top Problems Parents Face With TeensIf you’re a mom or dad to a teenager, you will benefit from better understanding the top problems parents face with teens and learning helpful habits to mend issues. Read on…

In the U.S., 13% of children living in households have at least one parent who is experiencing major parenting stress.

Those who struggle with stress often suffer so greatly, they actually seek outside care for their misbehaving children.

And when a child reaches adolescence, that’s when many parent-teen relationships hit the biggest brick wall.

Do you want to know why many parents face issues with teens?

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

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In this article I will be sharing helpful information about the inner workings of teenagers, why problems of parenting teens exists and the most helpful habits parents can do to mend issues with their children.

What Are The Top Problems Parents Face With Teens?

parenting problems teenagersRaising a teenager can be incredibly taxing especially when the child and parent can’t understand each other.

Teen years are known for causing extreme tension.

This is the time when the child develops mentally and starts to pull away from their parents. The problem of parenting a teen lies in the inability of the parent to allow their child to pull away.

Unfortunately, many teens become distant when they grow up and go to college.

It is hard for a parent to let the child find their own identity.

This is an emotionally draining process, which is something many parents are not ready to do.

They’re either…

  • too attached to their child – in a way which makes the child push back
  • too protective – in a way which makes the child push back

This becomes a problem for teenagers. They don’t understand what the parent is going through and tend to take these limitations very personally. Therefore, every struggle becomes a real hurdle, creating aggression between the child and parent.

parenting teen problemsWith all the arguing and tension, many teens ignore their studies.

But, this is the time when you need to find a compromise and focus on those paper assignments.

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How Can Parents Avoid The Many Problems Raising Teens?

Cognitively, the human brain is going through a series of changes in adolescence.

A child’s brain keeps changing until they reach the mid-20s. This causes impulsivity, aggression, and pressure.

As a result, teens tend to vent when spending time with family. 

Here are a couple of factors that can solve the problem between teens and parents.

parenting listen to teensHelpful Solutions for Parents With Teens

  • Communication – To find the right way in the relationships, communication is key. About 63% of parents with adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 believe they can communicate with their child effectively. While 5% claim their communication has come to a stand-still. Parents of 3 out of 4 teenagers believe their family could communicate well enough to fix the issues and get through a difficult situation, showed a recent family relationship statistics.
  • Listening Just talking to a teenager is not enough to let them express their thoughts. What you need is to listen. But, really listen to every word they are saying. Show empathy, care, and self-awareness. This will help the teenager build trust and boost their self-worth and confidence.
  • Changing the view – Many parents act as if their teen is still a child. They don’t pay attention to the teenager’s interest, opinion, and unique personality. But, for the teenager to grow up, they need to build their self-esteem, not just copy what their parents are doing. Letting them have that opportunity to become their own person will help you achieve the desired results.
  • Honesty – Remember, children, learn from your example. In their eyes, you are always a teacher.  If you want them to open up to you, honesty will be a key factor. Don’t do anything that might break the child and parent’s trust. So, even when they go to college, they will still trust you and communicate with respect.

Conclusion: Parenting Problems With Teens

A parent’s job is never easy. When a child reaches adolescence, there will be plenty of unexpected turns and bumps along the way. Now that you know what’s causing the problems and how to avoid them, you can fix your relationship with your child and help them become who they really want to be.

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