5 Simple Ways To Combat Anxiety

5 simple ways to combat anxiety

If you’re feeling stressed, here are 5 simple ways to combat anxiety so you start to feel more relaxed, focused, and confident.

Almost everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time. Unfortunately, it isn’t always temporary for some people. Either way, it can affect your quality of life. Plus finding the right relief from the feelings of anxiety isn’t always easy, either.

Anxiety affects different people in different ways.

  • Some people experience exhaustion and feelings of worry deep down.
  • Others have troubling, intrusive thoughts and can visualize themselves in scary situations.

As you might know, I am a recovered anxiety sufferer who wrote a bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm and founded the popular video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I personally know what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious. Thankfully I also know how to develop the superpower of calm – even during tough times.

I’m committed to helping people to live calm, happy lives  – which is why I decided to put together this quick relaxation guide (below).

I hope you enjoy these 5 easy to do ways to reduce anxious feelings.

5 Simple Ways To Combat Anxiety

Note: If your anxiety is extreme, please consult your doctor and explore if you need to be on medication to help you with intrusive thoughts. You can also contact a therapeutic facility which is dedicated to helping you get back on track.

If your anxiety is not extreme, then read on for some natural ways to combat anxiety. 

1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a research-backed staple for those with wrangled nerves and anxious feelings. Some people drink it for the taste, too.

Relaxation recommendation: Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea every morning or whenever you feel anxious. 

2. CBD oil

You may have read that CBD is wonderful for those who need relief from anxiety. There is plenty of research out there that shows that CBD oil can lower anxiety levels and counteract the symptoms of stress. It’s considered to be a safe method of medicating and it won’t leave you with a high. It’ll help you to relax and make you feel calmer.

3. Sleep supplements

Unfortunately, anxiety can lead to sleep issues. And lack of sleep can lead to even more anxious thoughts! This is a not so nice merry go round of anxiety.Thankfully there are supplements – like Melatonin and Magnesium and Valerian root – which can help you to sleep better.  Of course, before you start any kind of supplement, you need to talk to your doctor and get the all-clear.

4. Start a Journal

Journaling encourages mindfulness. When you vent through your pen, you can better process your emotions and sort your anxious thinking! The more you write, the better you feel! It’s like free therapy!

I recommend my Listen To Your Heart Journal – because it offers a range of thought provoking writer prompts – to help you get in touch with how you feel.

5. Working Out

Exercise can help you to burn off the adrenaline ricocheting around your body. When you have anxiety, that adrenaline can make or break you. Working out your body will help to clear your mind!

Learn more more simple ways to combat anxiety

Explore my bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm

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