How To Move Forward After Breaking Up With A Partner

How To Move Forward After Breaking Up With A PartnerMoving forward after breaking up with a partner can be a really difficult experience. Your emotions are likely to be all over the place. You may even be struggling to eat and sleep as you normally would.

It’s important to remember: There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel – no matter what!

How To Move Forward After Breaking Up With A Partner

I’ve been through a challenging break up with a narcissist – who I renamed my “Prince Harming”. Afterwards I went into research geek mode. I learned everything I could about how to heal my pain and move on to find happier love.

Spoiler Alert: It worked!

I healed my broken heart and turned my break up into a trade up. I wound up creating the happy family life I always dreamed about!

Now I’m determined to help others with their heartbreak –  with the tools in my Broken Heart Recovery video course.

I also share some quick support (below) for overcoming negative feelings! Check out this short, helpful article – which shares a few key recommendations to help you to heal after a difficult relationship breakdown and break up.

1. Practice Beneficial Self Care 

break up recovery hide until find yourselfOne of the best things that you can do to move on from a relationship is to focus your energy on taking good care of yourself. Basically, you need to practice self care!

Self care is a broad term that covers a variety of different areas, from beauty and hygiene to diet and exercise. As long as whatever you’re doing is going to boost your mental or physical wellbeing in some way, it can be considered self care.

Start with something simple: Run yourself a hot bubble bath to relieve a little tension and try to unwind.

You can add in a moisturizing face mask and follow up with a luxurious scented body lotion to feel refreshed and renewed.

If you’ve been stress eating and turning to food for comfort since your relationship breakdown, it can be really beneficial to try a more healthy, nutritious diet. You can get some helpful emotional eating tools here.

Eating lots of sugary food will no doubt inspire a whole host of mood swings to occur, whereas a natural whole foods diet will ensure you stay balanced and full of energy.

Implementing a sleep schedule to encourage a better night’s rest may also be an area of self care which you wish to explore. Throughout my site, I share many simple sleep tips. A quickie recommendation: Avoid your phone for a couple of hours before bed to help improve your sleeping pattern. 

2. Make An Effort To Stay Social 

do less overwhelmed by moreIf you only leave your home to visit the grocery store and meet with your divorce lawyers, then you’re likely going to begin suffering from isolation and the associated effects of loneliness and a lack of social interaction.

It can seem really tricky to step out and be social when you experience such a loss. After all, you’re probably used to having your partner there as your main source of social interaction.

However, it’s vital that you’re able to push yourself to get out there and meet up with your friends and family. You’ll wind up takinng your mind off your negative feelings. Plus you’ll start to make new, fun memories independently.

You don’t need to start going on dates every night, as this will simply mask the emotions that you should aim to tackle head on.

Having your nearest and dearest around will provide you with the support network that you need to thrive. So make an effort to arrange coffee dates, dinner parties and even a simple walk in the park to stay social and avoid isolation. 

3. Find A New Hobby 

break up change how you respond to painExperiencing a relationship breakdown often means you find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands.

A great way to fill this gap is by seeking out a new hobby.

You might decide to…

  • head to the gym
  • join a yoga class
  • sign up for an online course
  • start following art tutorials
  • join a cooking class to learn a new cuisine
  • volunteer as a dog walker to support elderly pet owners in your local area

Explore whatever you can to occupy your mind and time. You can always find something new and interesting. The scope of new hobbies is truly endless. Find one you’re passionate about. You’ll soon take your mind off the trials and tribulations of your relationship breakdown. 

Moving forward after a difficult break up with a partner can be made easier. 

Check out my ground breaking video course, Broken Heart Recovery.

Learn how to heal your pain – plus how to break bad love patterns. Already the tools in this course have helped many thousands of people around the world. Learn more here!

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