Surprising Benefits to a Good Night Sleep

good nights sleep benefitsThere are a lot of surprising benefits which can come from a good night sleep. So if you’re experiencing restless nights or insomnia you might want to try to improve your sleep habits.

A study by the CDC shows that 1 in 3 American adults don’t get enough sleep every night.

That means a third of Americans get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep.

As you might know, I’m a well known wellness research geek – who wrote a bestselling health-boosting book: Life is Long.

In this article I’ll be sharing about the wellness dangers of experiencing lack of sleep. (Pssst.. these dangers are more than simply feeling tired and unproductive. Plus, I’ll be sharing some of the many terrific benefits to a good night sleep.

So, let’s get started! Read on for 5 of the surprising benefits of getting enough sleep.

1. Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mental Health

Getting too little sleep causes your body to produce more stress hormones. This creates more stress in your life, which feeds on itself, creating even more of the same hormones.

It’s a snowball effect and you can help stop it by getting enough rest. When you get a good night sleep, it will help your overall mental health as well.

2. Improve Your Memory

Your body repairs itself and builds new connections while you sleep. One of those connections is your memory.

Getting enough rest will improve your memory and help you process the things you learn throughout the day.

3. Avoid Weight Gain

The excess hormones created when you aren’t getting enough sleep can also lead to weight gain.

If you’re eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise but still can’t seem to lose the extra weight, look at your sleep habits.

If you’re burning the midnight oil, that could be the roadblock to getting into the shape you want.

4. Improve Your Health

Sleep helps your body stay in good health in many ways beyond what we’ve already covered:

  • It can help you avoid or minimize the effect of many health conditions or diseases
  • Your body can process both nutrients and toxins more efficiently when certain things are “shut down” while you sleep

The importance of sleep for muscle growth is a critical part of getting into shape as well. You can spend hours in the gym every day and still not see the results you want if you’re not getting enough rest.

5. Heal Faster

Sleep can help your body heal injuries faster as well. When you’re sleeping, certain functions don’t need as much attention and energy as they do when you’re awake.

That extra energy can go towards healing while you sleep.

There’s a reason your mother always told you to rest when you were sick, even if she might not have known the science behind that advice.

A Good Night Sleep is a Critical Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Knowing how to get a good night sleep is a critical piece of the puzzle for a healthy lifestyle. You can focus on your diet, fitness, and everything else but if you’re sacrificing sleep to do it, you probably won’t reach your goals.

Give sleep the attention it deserves. Don’t think of it as wasted time when you could be getting other things done.

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Learn these 12 tips to fall asleep fast and stay asleep!

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