The Top 4 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

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If you want help with your weight loss goals, here are my 4 top exercise tips. Remember: Changing your diet is not enough to lose weight healthfully. You must work out too.

If you’re overweight right now, you’re not alone. Almost half of all Americans are trying to shed some extra pounds.

Confession: I’m a recovered emotional eater, who gained 90 pounds when I was pregnant. And no, I was not pregnant with a teenager in my belly. I was stress eating far too many salt and vinegar potato chips!

A phone call from my doctor became my wake up call. He told me that my cholesterol was dangerously high. So I turned my fear into purpose. I went into high gear to research everything i needed to know in order to break my food addiction. I then applied all the tools I learned and began to master my thoughts around food. Sure enough I lost the weight – and I’ve kept it off for about a decade now.

Afterwards, I condensed my tools into a fun to watch video course called Stop Emotional Eating -which has helped many thousands of people around the world to stop binge eating. Learn more here.

One of the things I realized while I was changing the way I ate: I also needed to do more exercise! In fact, exercise should be big part of any weight loss regimen that you are trying.

But how can you make sure that you are exercising effectively – or staying motivated to exercise?

Read on to learn four exercise tips for weight loss that will actually help.

1. Be in It for the Long Haul

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If you want to actually see results from your exercise, you need to consistently work out over a long period of time.

If you’re expecting immediate results, you are going to be disappointed.

It will take weeks of regular exercise for you to start seeing changes in your body.

Without consistency, any weight loss could disappear or never come at all.

This tip isn’t here to discourage you.

I’m here to tell you this simply to motivate you past the first couple of weeks when you aren’t noticing any significant change in your weight or body tone.

Basically – please don’t stop – even if you aren’t seeing progress right away. Your results are coming!

Some secrets to stay motivated to work out:

  • I have a calendar which has those squares with dates – to serve as my accountability buddy. Every time I work out I put a purple “X” in that day’s square – so I can be honest with myself about how often I work out. If I don’t see a purple “X” in a row for a few days, I become motivated to work out – so I can put in that  beautiful purple “X.”
  • I dangle rewards at myself – if I meet specific consistency goals. These bonuses are small – like getting a pair of earrings or aromatherapy candles.
  • I buy bright colored work out gear – so it feels fun to work out  – which you can see here!

2. Get Your Cardio In

exercising weight loss

One of the best ways to lose weight is by doing cardio. This is any aerobic exercise that gets your body moving and your heart pumping.

If you want to lose weight, you need to be burning a lot of calories.

Cardio is great for burning calories  – plus – it speeds up your metabolism too!

When people hear “cardio” they think: running, jumping rope, using an elliptical machine.

But “cardio” can also mean …

3. Move Throughout the Day

Another important weight loss tip: Make sure you are moving throughout the day, not just during a single exercise session.

Basically, if you are spending your entire day sitting down, then you need to do a little bit more than just one exercise routine.

Research shows there are many dangers to being a couch potato.

Or even a desk potato!

Meaning? If you spend a lot of time at your desk on your computer working, then you should find ways to get up and moving throughout the day!

Raising my hand! That’s me!

I spend a lot of time at my desk writing and designing books and video courses on my computer.

How to get moving?

I set a timer – and make sure I take regular breaks from my computer – to go on short walks. This practice has lots of benefits – including keeping my metabolism working better – and making me feel better too.

Plus, because I’m a recovered stress eater, I’m well aware that taking short walks during a busy work day is also good to help me relieve stress – so I’m less likely to stress eat! (As long as I’m not taking a walk to the refrigerator!)

If you feel guilty getting up from your computer during a work day, know this now: You’ll wind up feeling more creative and being more productive after you take a break. Plus if you’re sitting around binge watching Netflix you should also take breaks to get up and moving.

Speaking of getting things moving… Do you feel like you’re bloated and your gut health is off – and thereby slowing down your releases? If so, you can also support your weight loss journey by exploring this colon broom review and learn how to create a healthier gut for easier weight loss.

4. Use Sports for Fun Exercise

For some, exercise can be boring. The repetition of different exercise routines can make it hard to want to work out every day.

That’s why you should consider using sports to get you burnaing calories.

And it doesn’t just have to be football or basketball. Any sport that gets you off the couch can be beneficial to your weight loss goals.

For example, can you guess how many calories you burn when skiing downhill? A day of skiing could burn more calories than any exercise routine you’ve done before. Or you can try tennis or ping pong! Pick a sport any sport. And the fact that you’ll be doing it with others will further increase your motivation!

Whatever it is you like to do, get out and do it.

Time to Use These Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t easy. However, these exercise tips for weight loss will help you see the results you are looking for.

By finding ways to get yourself moving – and being committed to exercising long term – you can count on seeing improvements in your weight.

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