3 Happiness Habits To Invest More Time, Money And Energy

Healthy Financial Habits To Help You Build Wealth

Here are 3 simple happiness habits to invest more time, money and energy so you can feel more joyful and successful in life.

We all have a limited amount of time in life to accomplish everything we want to do. Spending our time doing the right things is essential to feeling like we are living a successful life.  

Today we’re often taught (and told via the media) that success is attained by earning money or a prestigious position. It’s about being busy.

But success can’t and shouldn’t be determined solely by cash. Or external factors.

Only you can decide what success means – by looking within and connecting to your true self.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned that you can boost your mood by doing more than merely boosting income. Basically, if you want to be happy, you need a “diversified happiness portfolio” of various happy habits! (Pssst… I explain this more in my book: Happy Habits.)

3 Happiness Habits To Invest More Time, Money And Energy

In this article I want to give you some helpful happiness habits to do – in the top 3 areas. These happy habits are worth spending more time and attention around – if you want to feel joyful. Below are suggestions for how to start doing these happiness habits more often, so you can enjoy a well-rounded, and fulfilling life.

1. Health Habits

Our bodies are finite. Over time they deteriorate. With this in mind, we must make mindful choices to invest time, effort and money into giving our bodies what they need to function at their best.

We never know how much we need, love and rely on our bodies until something terrible happens to us. For example, we might sprain a wrist, or begin getting pains in our abdomen.

In turn, it can become difficult to to push our body to do all things we usually would do – like work or play with the kids. When this happens, we can feel pretty down about ourselves. Which is why, above all, investing in your health is imperative! Everything from your kidneys to the brain, lungs, legs and so forth matters. 

As such investing in the following is essential to help you live a successfully healthy life;

  • Indulge in a healthy nutritious diet, abound with vegetable and fruit every day 
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your delicate skin, and sit in the shade when it’s hot outside
  • Choose to exercise any way you enjoy. Whether walking, swimming or bouncing on a trampoline. Get active to get your blood pumping and keep your heart healthy.
  • Get enough quality sleep every night to give your body the time it needs to rest and recuperate fully.
  • Cut out cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Drink around eight glasses of water a day to help your body function at its best
  • Stop overeating junk food
  • Eat in a way that helps you live longer

When we choose to refrain from giving our bodies what it needs to thrive, we begin to feel sluggish. Our immune systems are low. We’re more prone to getting sick. We become more susceptible to severe illnesses.

Investing in your health is the first and most important thing you can do for you and your family. I want to encourage you to do everything you can to live a long healthy life, so you’re fit and well for the people who need you most. You want to stay alive and kicking so you cann get through your bucket list and all the things you have planned in your life.

2. Family (Love) Habits

Spending time with people you love is essential. Some would argue “love” is the only thing that matters. It gives people a purpose and motivation to succeed and be better people. And a lot of people would agree.

In fast-moving societies (particularly in the western world) it’s easy to push families to the wayside, among the distractions of work commitments, social obligations and hobbies.

Unfortunately you often may feel like you do not have time to connect with the people you love.

Getting to honestly know others gives us a sense of appreciation for other people’s lives, wisdom and struggles. Equally, you may have a few things you could teach your younger nieces and nephews.

As such, making time to spend quality hours with family is essential. Just as much as it is necessary to work and climb the career ladder, after all, should the worst happen to you, who will be there to look after you – your family. 

This isn’t the only reason to engage with your loved ones. Mixing with those who love and care about you is right for your soul. And it can help you put things in your life into perspective, giving you a greater sense of what is and isn’t essential.

If you’re dealing with a challenging break up – get tools here.

Got toxic family members? Learn how to disarm their difficult behavior – here!

3. Wealth Management Habits

Getting your finances in order, no matter how much you earn, or what stage of your life you’re at is essential. Savvy financial planning will give you a sense of financial stability for you and your family. It also gives you options to fulfil your dreams of, for instance, buying a house for sale in a neighbourhood you love or travelling the world. Or building your own home in the woods. 

To manage your money better invest some time and energy in the following:

  • Create multiple income streams: Don’t rely on one salary to pay for your bills and commitments. Because if you, for instance, lose one job. At least you have two or three other income streams to fall back on, for example, besides your regular full-time job. You could have a job a few nights a week delivering pizzas. Or set up a blog, to eventually monetize it. 
  • Budget Your Money: Budgeting will ensure you pay the bills, you save a lump sum of your money for emergencies, you have enough left over to spend. And it also provides you don’t overspend too!
  • Live On Less Than You Make: Rather than maxing your spending based on your income. Decide to live on much less than you earn. Becoming accustomed to less money will prevent you from overspending when you could be saving. 
  • Create An Investment Portfolio: Investments as part of managing and building your wealth is an essential element. Choose multiple diverse investments to pool your money into different industries. Otherwise pooling your money into one investment, you could risk losing that entire investment if the economy experiences a downturn.

Rather than a generic post focused solely on building wealth. This post aims to look at your life and its most essential aspects holistically. 

Health, Love and Wealth, do in some instances interlink.

This is why it’s essential to put time, money and effort into it all.

For example, should a family member dear to you fall unexpectedly ill? To afford to take the time out to look after them, you would need to have a good handle on your financial situation to take time out to support them. 

Plus, sometimes you might need to take on stressful work projects. In order to balance out the stress, you need to make sure you’re doing healthy habits like exercise and eating healthfully –  so you keep your motivation, creativity and problem-solving skills high. 

Build a diversified happiness habit portfolio

Balance is necessary to live a successful life.

We need to do more than focus on work and money if we want to be happy. We need to take care of diversified areas of our lives in order to feel like our lives are meaningful and fulfilling.

Create more happiness habits

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