How to Have a Happy, Healthy, Close Family Life

happy, healthy loved familyHere are some helpful solutions to ensure you have a happy, healthy, close family life – even during challenging times. These are the secrets of highly connected families.

If you have a family then you know that they are the single, most important thing in your life. Unfortunately, at times you might feel as though you have lost that special bond. Or maybe you simply want to do something extra to strengthen your connection.

No worries! I’m here to help with some insights and tools!

9 Secrets of A Happy, Healthy, Close Family Life

1. Balance your Work and Home Life

It’s not easy to balance your work and your home life. But doing this will make a huge difference not only to your romantic relationship – but will help you create a happy, healthy, close family family life.

It’s important that you look at the hours you are working and what you do in your spare time. If you work 9-5 then you may not feel as though you have much time to spend with your family. Especially if your other half works different hours to you.


You can explore trying to change up your hours or work from home. You can make sure you schedule family fun time and date nights – so close connection time does not slip away from you due to a busy schedule.

2. Look after Yourself 

close familyAs a parent, you may feel as though you are constantly spending all of your time looking after everyone else.

At times you may find that you forget about yourself.

But if you don’t look after yourself, then you may grow to resent your lifestyle.

Plus, if you’re exhausted, you may not be able to give your kids the support they need.


Self care is not selfish. Be sure to enjoy downtime and pampering times. When you are in a good emotional space, you can better maintain a happy, healthy, close family life.

3. Discipline when you need to

Discipline is not a punishment. It’s really about teaching your kids how to be responsible. Plus discipline also helps kids to recognize the important principle of cause and effect – and to know that inappropriate actions lead to appropriate consequences.

With this in mind, you need to teach your kids how to admit to and correct their misbehavior. Plus show them that it’s possible for them to do things differently next time.


Try a combo of assigning punishments for inappropriate behaviors and rewards for progress and good behavior.

(Note: Some parents, with sons who have extreme behavioral issues, explore a military school for boys. But for the most part, that’s not necessary.)

4. Communicate with your Family

quote communicateCommunication really is so important, especially during tough times. Sometimes kids find it hard to put their feelings into words. They also don’t know if their parents will listen when they do.


Talk about yourself more openly with your family. If your family members see you opening up, then they may be more inclined to do the same. The dinner table is one of the best places for you to discuss everything that has happened during your day.

5. Quality Time

Try and organize some quality time with your family a couple of times a week. You will be creating intimacy and lots of shared good memories which will help you to create a happy, healthy, close family life.


Prepare meals with one another. Or you can even plan out what you’d like to have that week. This gives you the chance to try and get your family to eat healthier – while also giving everyone the opportunity to discuss various topics.

6. Joint Decisions

When you have older kids, it’s normal for them to try and push boundaries to see what they can get away with. You need to adapt the boundaries that you have set as your kids grow into teenagers- and allow them some wiggle room to make joint decisions.


Don’t wait for a battle to flare up to argue the pros and cons of joint decisions. Discuss the concept of boundaries and joint decisions with your child during a calm and quiet time. 

7. Be Comforting

quote comforting love when sadIt’s really so important for a family to be there for one another during hard times. If you have a family tragedy, then you need to pull together.


You must constantly let your family know that families stick together. Regularly talk about how everybody is there to protect each other and live their best lives. Make sure that you give family members this reassurance during good times – so they know that they have a safe haven during challenging times.

8. Be Flexible

Sometimes kids just want to be able to spend time with their parents. Having an unscheduled trip or even an impromptu game can really help your kids.  It’s something that they will remember fondly too.


If you are a very busy family then regularly put aside time – so that if you do decide to do something spontaneous as a family, then you can.

9. Spend Time with your Partner

It can be very difficult for you to spend time with your partner when you have kids. At the end of the day, it really is so important. After all, kids learn a lot about relationships from their parents. 


Make sure that you talk with your partner about everything. Ask them about their day, if they are worried about anything or even to see if there is anything that you can do to give them an additional support. When you do, you’ll find that they feel more loved and that your communication is better too.

Live your happiest life

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