4 Ways Having A Pet Dog Helps Kids Learn Responsibility

kids learn responsibility dogsTeaching children to take care of a pet dog is a great way for helping kids learn responsibility – for a range of reasons.

Children can often take things for granted: a mobile phone, a new toy, etc.

It is up to us as parents to show kids the value of things and to remind them that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Plus, it’s our duty as parents to regularly encourage our children to appreciate what they have. And to ensure they take good protective care of whatever and whoever they love.

Basically, it’s important we parents teach our children to be responsible.

In this particular article I’m going to explore how to teach responsibility to kids via having a pet dog.

I will explore…

  • how to encourage kids to be more responsible for a family pet dog.
  • why having a pet dog can teach your children responsibility.

1. Kids learn responsibility for feeding a dog.

dogs teach kids responsibilityA pet dog requires feeding – every single darn day.

During the first week of getting a dog, your child may be enthusiastic to feed the dog. But this interest can dwindle as time goes on.

Being responsible is a daily habit. So teaching the importance of daily commitment to children through a pet dog is a great way to instill this virtue into them for their future.

Bonus: Feeding a dog regularly also means making sure your dog has the right treats. My son loves to spoil our dog Fluffy with these dog treats here. And you could buy rawhide chews today online very easily to ensure you always have some in stock.

2. Kids learn responsibility for a dog’s exercise.

Dogs need to be walked, and during the warmer days, this may feel like a great activity for the children.

Depending on the type of dog, some need to be taken for walks more often than others. An adult Pomsky will need more time outside than many other types of pet, for instance. So this is going to form a part of the process here.

But what happens when it gets a little colder, and the rain starts? The enthusiasm deflates.

Again a dog isn’t just for the nice days. So children will learn the importance of following through on a commitment even when it feels hard or challenging.

3. Kids learn responsibility for their dog’s health.

kids responsible for dogsBeing responsible for a dog means they get to know their personalities. So a highly responsible child will notice when their dog starts to act a little strange – perhaps more tired or not as energetic.

Kids will thereby learn that sometimes it’s important to be proactive and intuitive – and not just wait for things to go wrong.

4. Kids learn responsibility for cleaning up after their dog.

Finally, dogs can make a mess. That might mean pet hairs or dog toys on the floor. Or a dog’s mess in the garden.

As a result, looking after a dog will teach children to be more responsible for any and all messes.  This lesson will thereby encourage kids to be more clean and considerate with their own items around the home. 

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