4 Simple Things To Do To Be Happier Starting Today

Simple Things To Do To Be HappierIf you’re feeling down, here are some simple things you can do to be happier – starting today.

Our mindset is an absolutely vital part of our quality of life. The right attitude makes a massive difference.

Of course if you’re a naturally pessimistic person, then being told to shift your way of thinking can feel pretty frustrating.

You might not even think you’re pessimistic. You might simply think you’re realistic. Indeed, in today’s chaotic world, pessimism and realism are often tough to tell apart.

But one thing is certain: Negativity will only breed more negativity. And fighting fire with fire when you’re trying to put out a fire will only make the fire stronger.

So if you’re open to trying to feel a little happier, then I’d love to help.

Below you’ll learn a few ways to maintain a sunnier disposition. Read on!

4 Simple Things To Do To Be Happier

1. Be Grateful – Not Hateful

simple happier be gratefulWhen times get a little tricky, it’s easy to want to shut down and start cursing at everything. 

Some things you can do:

  • Remember all of the good things, good people and good times in your life.
  • Recognize that things could be a LOT worse than what they are now.
  • Remind yourself that most problems are temporary.
  • Be grateful for being strong and smart – and recognize that you have lots of admirable qualities which can help you to get through your challenges to a much better place.
  • Remind yourself you’ve gotten through challenges before. Be grateful for your ability to make it through tough times.

If you can maintain this kind of positive perspective, you’ll be able to calm down a little and realize that your life is pretty awesome.

2. Exercise, Eat Well & Meditate

simple to do happierYou must exercise and keep active in general! If you can do what you can to be physically in shape you will wind up boosting your mindset.

When you stay inside and simply mope, you can easily start overthinking.

Basically, moping at home leads to a spiraling effect – that can make you delve even further into negative thoughts – which you don’t want.

Getting outside for a walk – and/or exercising – not only gives you a natural boost. It helps you steer away from negative thinking.

Eating healthy food also helps you out a lot. Your brain needs healthy food! When you’re stressed, your brain needs helpful nutrients – in particular Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin D & K – for starters. In other words, without the right vitamins and sustenance, your mind can start to catastrophize a lot of things – instead of calmly solving problems.

3. Get Guidance and Prioritize Self Growth

happier meditate karen salmansohnWhen you’re struggling, it can help to talk to a psychologist or a counselor of sorts.

They may be able to put you on the right path mentally and philosophically.

If you don’t think someone like that is necessary, then perhaps you can find someone that deals with wellness on a holistic level. I offer personal coaching.

Plus many thousands of people have loved my ground breaking video course, The Anxiety Cure!

(You can also find a wellness professional on Daocloud.com.)

4. Don’t Scroll Through Social Media Too Much

cellphone walk talkSocial media is pretty cool.

But it can also be very destructive to people’s esteem and their overall mindset.

After all, people on social media are always trying to show off their carefully curated life highlight reels.

And if your life is not perfect (which your life won’t be, because nobody’s life truly is), then you can feel bad about yourself.

Social media can also be a cesspit that is full of judgment and nastiness – if you veer too deeply into some of its gossipy areas. 

So be sure to take social media breaks often.

Oh – and another reminder! Pease don’t walk and talk – or drive and talk – while on your cellphone. It leads to all kinds of accidents.

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