Top 7 Gadgets Which Make Life Easier And Make Great Gifts

In recent years, new gadgets have appeared that once seemed only possible in a science fiction movie.  For example, not long ago, the idea of “face-to-face calling” seemed impossibly futuristic. Yet now, we all routinely carry devices in our pockets that allow us to do just this!

Happily many of the new products which are being invented offer real value – making our lives more joyful and easier.  Below we round up our favorite picks of the bunch.

1. All-in-one coffee makers

In days gone by, if you wanted to make coffee from beans, first you would need to dose and grind them. Then you would need to put the ground coffee into a drip coffee machine. (Or, if you want to go back even further, a percolator).

After waiting for the coffee to brew, you would then have to clean everything out.

Nowadays, you happily no longer have to go through this long and arduous process. You simply buy one of the all-in-one grind and brew coffee maker models that does everything for you. At the touch of a button, your coffee is prepared for you!

Even better, more and more coffee machines now allow you to pre-program a timer so the machine has your coffee brewed and waiting when your alarm sounds in the morning. 

2. Smart coffee mug

While we’re on the topic of coffee, we also have to mention possibly the world’s most hi-tech coffee mug. The basic function of a coffee tumbler is to keep your beverage fresh and warm until you’ve had time to finish it off, right? Well now coffee tumblers can go much further!

With this tumbler, you can actually select the temperature at which you want to drink your coffee and program your tumbler to maintain the coffee at precisely that temperature. What’s more, you can actually control your mug via Bluetooth using your smartphone. Mind. Blown.

3. Amazon Echo and Alexa

Many of us grew up watching Star Trek and dreaming of the day we could just say “Computer” before asking for anything we needed to know.

Now Amazon offers Echo as well as Alexa – which makes our dreams of being on the starship Enterprise feel just a little closer.

These products offer a powerful smart speaker with real practical value.  They not only answer questions – they offer shopping perks, scheduling assistance,  fun games, relaxing meditations etc 

And for those who really want to pretend they’re Jean-Luc Picard, you can even change the “wake word” from “Alexa” to “computer”.

Self-watering plants

Many of us know what it’s like to go away and then return home to find a house full of dried up, dead plants.

Yes, you could still give your keys to a neighbor and ask them to pop round and give your plants a drink like we did in the old days. But now it’s far simpler just to leave it up to a robot. Well, perhaps not quite a robot – but at least a smart plant pot.

Smart plant pots won’t forget. And they also won’t help themselves to your food cupboard or drinks cabinet while they’re doing it.

Smart doorbell

This gadget truly feels like it comes straight from the future. It’s a doorbell with a video camera that connects to your smartphone. When someone presses the buzzer, your phone lets you know. Plus, you can see who’s there on the screen.

If you’re away from home, you can easily see who comes to your door. Or if you’re at home, you can see who is at your door without opening it, allowing you to hide away if it’s someone you don’t want to speak to.

Plus this smart doorbell also has another advantage. It has a speaker, so that, should you choose to do so, you can even speak to the caller from your smartphone, even if you’re not at home.Ingenious.

Samsung smart oven

This gadget will bring an end to burnt cakes or incinerated chickens.

A “smart oven” helps you to monitor your cooking from your phone.

Plus you can even remotely control the temperature.

Smart lawn mower

This wonderful time-saving smart device means that never again will you have to spend your Sunday afternoon completing that most tedious of garden chores: cutting the grass. You can just sit back, and let the smart lawn mower do it for you!

This awesome device is able to detect obstacles – so it doesn’t end up mowing your kids’ favorite toys to bits. Plus it even heads back to “base” by itself if it starts to rain.

Many more gadgets to come

There are so many other cool gadgets that didn’t make our list, but these were the ones that really caught our eye as being both functional and, well, pretty cool. Now we’re waiting for the next generation of smart gadgets to come along and really blow us away!

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