The right way to break up – so both people feel understood

right way to break up

Love shouldn’t hurt.   Get tools to move on from painful love relationships  – and develop new ways of thinking and dating. Love patterns can be broken with the help of my NEVER AGAIN PROGRAM  – my one on one coaching program  – for both men and women – single or divorced -or presently in an unhappy relationship and confused! My results-proven tools were loved so much by the folks at OPRAH that they asked me to write a love advice column!  I created this program because I know first hand (and first heart ) the pain and anxiety of toxic love – plus- I also know how to break bad love patterns for good. I found my sweetie in my 40’s – and we’ve been happily together for about 5 years and counting.  Plus these research proven tools have helped many thousands to find happy, safe-feeling relationships!  I’d love to help you believe in happy love again – and find it. Click now! Toxic love stops here. Happy relationships start now!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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