4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)

Here are 4 steps to help you get your home organized – so you can thereby feel calmer!

Want to know one of the most common feelings that most of us carry around on a daily basis? The feeling of things piling up on  – as though, no matter what we do, there are just more things that we have to deal with – all of the time.

For a lot of people, this is just a normal feeling that they think they must accept.

Thankfully, it’s not something that you have to put up with.

If you want to get on top of everything, it’s time to get organized!

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized

I’m a big believer that if your home is disorganized then your mind feels disorganized. This feeling of disorganization will then affect your work – your relationships – pretty much all aspects of your life.

No worries! Here are some steps you can take to organize your home – and thereby organize your mind, mood and life!

1. Have a place for everything

Here’s a strange paradox: Even when your home is tidy, it can still not be organized.

The truth: If you don’t have specific places for everything in your home, then you’re always going to have areas that are left cluttered and messy. This kind of thing might seem like a small problem – but it’s not. These little areas of mess can leave you feeling stressed out and unable to focus on the things that need to get done.

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)The solution: You need to make sure that you have a place for absolutely everything, no matter how small or simple it might seem.

Marie Kondo, the author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” offers a terrific suggestion. Do not clean up room by room (bedroom, kitchen etc). Instead, tidy up by conquering clutter category by clutter category.

Suggestions: Try dealing with your clothing first – since it’s not usually an “emotionally charged” thing to let go of. Next, move on to cosmetics, vitamins, books, photos, souvenirs, papers  etc…

2. Clear out the clutter

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)Know this now: If there are things in your home that you don’t have space for, then there’s a good chance that you don’t really need them.

Quickie Examples: Old souvenirs and nostalgic items that you might have once thought would either gather sentimental value or come in useful.

The harsh truth: Most of these things are little more than pieces of clutter that need throwing away.

A funny view of Marie Kondo’s tip

Marie Kondo suggests: Put your hands on everything you are considering getting rid of, and ask yourself if it “sparks joy.” If it doesn’t, thank the item for its service, then get rid of it.

Bonus Idea:

Grab some good karma points. Take your best stuff to a charity thrift store or consignment shop -so maybe it can enjoy a useful life with someone else!

3. Hang your timetable on the wall

Most people have at least some kind of timetable or calendar that they follow. And that’s a great way to get organized. After all, trying to play everything by ear is just going to leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed more often than not.

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)However, if you just have a timetable in a journal or a calendar on your phone then you’re missing a trick.

When you hang your timetable up on the wall, you enjoy the benefit of clearly seeing whatever you have planned at a moment’s notice. It’s a great way to stay on top of things.

Sneaky trick: You can make your own calendar (at sites like Print Safari) which lets you personalize it and make it fit with your home’s style. 

4. Think about flow

4 Steps To Get Your Home Organized (And Thereby Feel Calmer)Do you have individual rooms of your home sorted nicely, but you still feel like your home feels stressful and not as organized as it could be?

If so, it might be helpful to think about “the flow” of your home.

Quickie Examples: Consider rearranging rooms, so there’s not an overload of furniture and/or furniture blocking walkways. Open up curtains and start letting in as much light as possible.These incredibly simple tweaks can make your whole home feel more unified, bright, clean, organized. 

Know this now: The phrase “a tidy house leads to a tidy mind” might be a total cliche, but it’s also the absolute truth.

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