3 Tools To Make Sure You Reach Your Goals

When my son Ari was about two and a half year old, there was a time he was sick with a fever and cough.

(He’s fine now. No worries.)

Anyway, I had to give him medicine.

No surprise. He didn’t want to take it.

So I found myself saying to him – “It is a MUST.”

Sure enough, my son Ari actually did start to swallow his medicine more easily – after I started using the word “MUST” at him.

After a few days of saying “It’s a MUST,” Ari started to say the word for me. He’d see the medicine bottle, point and say: “MUST.”

A few days after Ari took his last “MUST” spoonful, he showed me his Spiderman toy, then announced: “Spiderman is a MUST.”

I smiled, then paused and thought more about what Ari must feel the word MUST must mean – that his Spiderman toy fell into this MUST category.

Obviously Ari had learned that the word MUST represented something to be passionate about – and emphatic about – something you had to have – no excuses – no “dont-wanna”‘s about it.

I know this particular Spiderman toy is indeed a MUST in my son’s life right now. He’s very insistent he takes this Spiderman toy out with us for weekend stroller rides.

I thought more about this word MUST… then I thought about the definitions of MUSTER and MUSTER UP – which have the word MUST within them – and how that makes verbal sense. You MUSTER UP the courage. You MUSTER UP the will. You don’t merely WANT UP the courage. And WANT UP the will.

salmansohn musts wants

You need to feel the desire for a thing/event/quality passionately- MUSTLY- to create a world with that thing/event/quality as a MUST within it.

Do you have a WANT in your life right now that you need to upgrade to a MUST?

Do you have something you’re merely trying to WANT UP the courage for – or WANT UP the will for – and the time has come to MUSTER UP the courage and MUSTER UP the will?

If so, here are….


1. BAN THE WORDS “ALWAYS” AND “NEVER” FROM YOUR VOCABULARY! Do you have those dangerous words “always” or “never” blocking you from full confidence and energized

positivity? In other words, do you tell yourself things like: “This always happens to me!” Or, “I can never get a break?” Know this now: Any time you find yourself saying “always” and “never” you are creating (b)lame excuses – and getting in your own way of the joy you are seeking! Your new goal: Rewrite the story  of your life without using “always” and “never.” Need help? Put all your present destructive beliefs  on trial! Cross-examine each destructive belief like a tough attorney – brainstorming new ways to dispute and discredit your (b)lame excuses—by gathering “positive evidence” to the contrary. Want even more support? Check out my Anxiety Cure video training for more support. 

2.    KNOW WRITE MAKES MIGHT: I’m a big believer in the power of writing lists, writing in a journal, writing in a schedule book. Writing helps you clarify and organize your scattered thoughts and goals. If you never write down your thoughts and goals, they remain  wishy washy vague ideas. And wishy washy vague ideas become wishy washy vague plans which bring wishy washy lousy results. Buy a journal and write in the front “This Is The Year I Made All My Dreams Come True!”  Plus …remember to do what the girl in my poster is promising to do: celebrate those little success on your way to your big successes! When you appreciate all those little aspects of progress, you’re less likely to fall off the Joyful Life Bandwagon when a goal is a little slow in coming.

3. KNOW THAT “SEEDING IS BELIEVING.” Overnight success RARELY happens overnight.  But it doesn’t mean it’s not a-comin’ when it’s slow in a-comin’. You know how if you plant seeds, it takes time for the fruits of these seeds to grow  — push up through the ground’s surface? They take time to manifest into the change you are seeking.  It’s essential to recognize that SEEING IS NOT ALWAYS BELIEVING. However, SEEDING IS BELIEVING. What you seed is what you get. If you are seeding positive thoughts and positive habits, then success will eventually blossom. Overnight success is a result of daily positive thoughts and daily positive habits! If you’re starting to feel twitchy because change is not happening as speedily as you want, envision what you want on a delivery truck coming towards you  – just a wee bit stuck in traffic – but coming towards you right now – maybe even a week from next Tuesday! Remember: The universe’s delays are not necessarily the universe’s denials.

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Karen Salmansohn (Founder)

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