The first of the five essentials to seek in a romantic partner

There are 5 essentials to seek in a romantic partner – to better ensure you find true love.

Chances are many of these 5 aren’t what you’d normally think about prioritzing.

For example…

The first essential is to seek a partner who values growing.

Here’s why…

If your partner doesn’t value growing, then your relationship won’t survive – because a relationship is only as strong as its weakest moments – how you each handle stress and conflict.

If your partner values growing, then during tough times they will be open to discussing problems, meeting your needs, and evolving.

If they value growing they will make sure problems don’t keep repeating – because they will recognize that the best apology is changed behavior!

If they value growing, they will put in the proper “repair” needed after a conflict to keep you feeling loved and thereby keep the relationship thriving.

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Below is a poster with the info about this essential. Feel free to print it out, pass it forward, or use it as a screen saver – so you absorb this reminder fully.

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