How To Find Real And Lasting Love: An Important Relationship Rule

How To Find Real, Lasting Love: An Important, Basic RuleWant to find real and lasting love? Here’s an important, basic rule – which will help you to stop your bad patterns in love – for good.

Confession time: I used to look at a cute, funny charismatic, sexy guy and think to myself:

“Yum, Yum! I want HIM!”

Now I know better.

Now I look at loving happy, harmonious couples – watch the happy, healthy, loving dynamic between the guy and the girl – and I think to myself:

“Yum, Yum! I want THAT!”

My lesson/your lesson?

True love is a THAT – not a HIM or a HER.

In summary:

  • You are not seeking a check list of superficial surface adjectives (sexy, cute, funny, successful, charismatic, etc) when you are seeking a person for a love relationship.
  • You are actually seeking a happy, healthy, harmonious dynamic – you are seeking a safe and loving and connected feeling.
  • It won’t matter how sexy, cute, funny, successful, charismatic someone might be –  if – when you are with them – they make you feel stressed out and insecure.
  • True love is always a THAT – not a HIM or a HER.

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Think happier. Think calmer.

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