How to Worry Less And Trust The Universe More So You Can Be Happier

It’s time to worry less and trust the universe more – so you can be happier! Grab these tools and insights!

Note: This is a guest essay by Dawn Gluskin

The truth of the matter:

We all worry ourselves silly – from the little things to the big thing.

From…“How will I ever live this one down? I feel like a failure

To… “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?

Thoughts of self-doubt and disappointment constantly buzz around in our brains making us downright batty.

But another truth of the matter:

Our thoughts are not who we really are. A year from now, we probably won’t even remember whatever crazy thought we are currently beating ourselves up with … that’s how insane we are!

Basically, whatever is worrying us now, WILL be alright.

Time has a way of healing and providing clarity.

We eventually realize that our worry was not as big as it seemed. Or, that, yes, everything does happen for a reason. As much as we might have struggled with a situation or fought it from happening in-the-moment, our rearview mirror clearly shows it was actually in our own best interest and that the Universe totally had our back all along.

I can think of countless examples of this in my own life.

This one in particular comes to mind: About 8 years ago, I went on a job interview at a super-cool, yet small, company in Orlando that designs online video games. At the time, I really wanted out of my current position as it just wasn’t nurturing me anymore.

I had been looking long and hard for a restart at a new gig. As I walked in for my interview, there was groovy house music playing and all the walls were painted fun funky colors.  It was an artsy, hip, creative atmosphere and I instantly felt like I found my new home!

The interview was a total lovefest and I left feeling like I pretty much had the thing in the bag. They said I was a perfect fit! But, when I got the call a few days later, it was not to let me know that they could not wait for me to start and awesomeness to ensue.

Instead, they told me that, after discussing it further, they thought I was actually over-qualified for the job and that they felt that the hour long commute and less-than-I was-accustomed-to pay would become an issue.

They didn’t want to bring me in and have me bail on them a few months later.

What? How could this be? We were meant to be!!

I had already visualized this fun new beginning in my mind.

My world crumbled at that moment.

Fast forward to present day and I could not be happier with the way things went down!  I started my own company almost 5 years ago which has taught me so much and has allowed me the flexibility to create a life that I love.

Prior to starting my own firm, I ended up accepting a job at a different company where I worked extremely independently and was able to fine-tune my entrepreneur skills.

In hindsight, that uber-cool company in Orlando would not have taken me on this same path, which is exactly where I am meant to be!

So the moral of the story is:

Even though I was boo-hooing at this perceived missed opportunity all those years ago, I can now totally see that it simply wasn’t meant to be.

This is just one example. Life is full of them!

I recently got Karen Salmansohn’s book INSTANT HAPPY which is full of many inspiring reminders.

I laughed particularly at a spread which said “SPOILER ALERT! IT WILL ALL WORK OUT FOR YOU IN THE END! “

salmansohn -spoiler alert!

Yep, I thought to myself. How true!

It is important to always try to remember this spoiler alert in the midst of things seemingly spiraling out of control.

It WILL all work out for you in the end.”

Shoot, it will probably work out even better than you imagined!

An unseen force in the Universe is constantly guiding us towards our truth.

If we can just learn to keep the faith along the way, our journeys will be filled with countless instant happy moments.

This essay written by Dawn Gluskin – more info on Dawn below!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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