How to Manage to Thrive With Fibromyalgia

How to manage to thrive with fibromyalgia! Grab these tools!

NOTE: This is a guest blog written by Tanya Lily-Reid 

I have found myself talking lately about my early days with fibromyalgia.

This was an incredibly challenging time, because much of what is out there in media tells us it is going to be horrible and painful.

I was prepared for my life to be over.

However in the same breath, I have also been saying that I am blessed with one thing to be thankful about.

I am innately built to to recognize the importance of working to bring light back into my life.

When I found out I had fibromyalgia, I needed to know I could still use my ability for bringing light back in to myself – the way I have in the past.

I needed to know I could still find a way to be happy and have dreams.

I needed to know there was more to life than just pain, pain, pain.

I made a firm decision: I would thrive with fibromyalgia – no matter what.


That is probably the boldest sentence I have ever written.

Or ever will write.

Simply because it can be so hard.

I am always on the hunt for all the positive help I can find.

In my search I found Karen Salmansohn’s “Instant Happy” book.

My absolute favorite“Instant Happy” quote reminds me of something which would not leave my mind  – when my life felt like it went from “many possibilities” to “simply piles of pain.”

salmansohn POSTER-DOORWINDOW FINITOKaren Salmansohn writes…

“When one door closes, try a window.  Then try a new door.  Then try a new window.  The world is full of doors and windows.  Eventually you’ll find the one that stays open.”

This is my favorite tried, tested, and true experience on my journey to THRIVE fibromyalgia.

There are so many doors and windows to explore!

I love regularly reading Karen’s site. Plus I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to Las Vegas –  and all those ribbons I won at the county fair last summer.

I have been collecting so much evidence that I am still thriving.

Don’t let pain stop you from finding your own doors and windows.

They are NOT closed or painted shut – just because pain literally lives in your back pocket.

Yes, it does take extra work.

Yes, sometimes, fibromyalgia does bring extra pain.

It has been three years since since I first started believing it is possible to THRIVE with fibromyalgia.

Now I know it is absolutely achievable.

Does that mean I have everything figured out?

Heck NO!

Does that mean I skip through life pain-free?


Does that mean I always look for ways to lift myself up, break the cycle of pain, and let myself have dreams again?

Not only Y-E-S – but HELL YES with PASSION and GUSTO.

Get out there!

Get Happy!



Written and shared with love by Tanya Lily-Reid. For more about Tanya, click here now!

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