A positive perspective on challenging times

A positive perspective on challenging timesHere’s a positive perspective if you’re going through challenging times! Scroll down for a poster with this concept!

Going through challenging times?

Here’s a positive way to look at things!

I believe that life’s challenges are here to knock us out of our brain grooves.

Challenging times get us to switch to a new “brain groove track.”

positive thinking quote karen salmansohnWithout hitting bumps in the road, it’s very tough to get out of our repeated cycles of thinking and behaving.

Basically, it’s tough for people to be motivated to leave their comfort zone.

Challenging times serve as a wake up call – that what we are thinking and doing is not working for us.

This crisis pain snaps us out of our daily sleep walking habits  – our “auto pilot” slumber.

Basically, challenging times make it more tempting to finally get outside of our familiar comfort zone.

This crisis pain becomes our crisis fuel.

It motivates us to be open to experimenting with new ways of seeing and new ways of being in the world.

How to maintain this positive perspective on challenging times…

Print out the inspirational quote poster below. Or use it as a screen saver. Plus feel free to forward this uplifting reminder to someone who you feel might benefit from this perspective.

brain grooves are a positive perspective on challenging times karen salmansohn

Share below in the comments section. Love to hear your insights! What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read this positive view of tough times. 

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