10 Best At Home Workouts And Apps To Try Today

The Best At Home Workouts And Apps To Try TodayIf you want to be your healthiest, then you’ll love this guide to the best at home workouts and apps – put together by a bestselling wellness author.

When the lockdowns hit, we were all forced to stay at home to help stop the spread of Covid. This was not exactly a raging success and many people struggled at having to stay at home. People who used the gym found themselves without a place to go and many turned to home workouts to see them through. With this in mind, I have looked around to see what was available 

As you might already know, I’m a bestselling wellness author (with 2 million books sold globally) and the founder of the groundbreaking video course Stop Emotional Eating.

I’m committed to helping people to live their healthiest lives. With this in mind I put together this work out app guide.

10 best at home workouts and apps

1. YouTube

YouTube is the worlds biggest streaming program and it is more than just videos of people doing stupid things. Although there are still plenty of videos of cats being weird. If you can search through this and not get sucked into videos of huskies doing weird things, then you will discover a huge selection of workout videos.

There are entire channels dedicated to working at home, and they have different levels for different people.

A word of warning:

Please do your checks before you go launching into a workout because anyone can set up a channel and say they are a fitness guru. There are plenty of channels that have been verified and have proven results.

2. Beachbody

This is a name that is whispered in excited hushed tones around the water cooler when someone loses a lot of weight. When their program, Insanity, came out a few years ago, everyone wanted to jump on the Beachbody wagon. The program was maybe bought by someone in the hope that it wasn’t a get fit quick scheme that would fall flat.

Instead, they completed the program and realised that they had lost a noticeable amount of inches from their waist. The Beachbody Company now offer online and on-demand workouts so you can work out whenever you feel like, as well as their fitness shakes and support network.

3. Jane Fonda

These exercise videos might be older than you are, but Jane Fonda is a legend in the fitness world. When it comes to looking good in your 80’s, Jane Fonda has it covered. And if you have watched her latest show, Grace and Frankie, you will see that she is still running around like a young one.

One of the best things about these programs:

The meaning behind them.

When she was a young actress, she was blacklisted from Hollywood because she kept protesting things such as war. In order to keep doing this, she needed income that she could make on her own terms, so enter the fitness videos. Her workout collection helped to fund her activism for years. There is the added bonus that the workouts are still available and still fun to do.

4. Glo

This is one of the newest streaming services to hit our screens and we have been pleasantly surprised by what we have seen. The service screams to our inner Gwyenth with a wide selection of exercises and workouts that can be done at any time.

To get you started…

They offer a free trial to see if this is the service for you before you have to commit to the subscription. The name might have you fooled but this is an all round service that has every type of workout available. However, we will say this, it does feel like there is an element of luxury with this that we can’t put our finger on but it might have something to do with the lighting. 

5. Nike Run Club

If you would like to get out and about (if the lockdown restrictions in your area allow you) you could take up running. We are particularly fond of the Nike Run Club as it offers more than just a way to track your distance. For one, they offer guided runs and weekly insights into how you have been running. The app also works with various watches so you don’t need to commit to using the one watch to track everything.

As well as offering GPS to track where you have run, you can find out how fast you are running too. If you have friends using the app, you can band together and race each other throughout the week. If you are a person who likes shiny things, you can earn virtual medals for breaking your own records, such as best 5k time or completing your first half marathon. 

6. Asana Rebel

If you are looking for an app that promises to help support you through their workouts, Asana Rebel is the one for you. This app has several different options for various workouts, and you can access some of them for free. However, in order to get the most out of the app, you can get the paid option.

Most of the workouts are body weight based so you don’t need any equipment to do them. This is great if you don’t normally workout from home and don’t have any equipment. The app has been touted as a yoga only app but there is so much more than just stretching and breathing (although there is plenty of that too). 

7. My Fitness Pal

This is one of those apps that you either love or hate. Unlike the other things on this list, this doesn’t focus on exercise but the diet you have. This app counts calories and can be synced with other apps on your phone to see if you are eating too much or not enough. A lot of people find the app useful but slightly shaming when they have to list all of the things they have eaten during the day.

But, when you have to list everything, you become more mindful about what you are eating and are less likely to shove that third donut into your mouth. Although we won’t judge you for it, and the app can’t because it is a piece of technology, there is something unnerving and shameful about admitting that you ate that much during the day.

8. Step tracker

If you don’t like to exercise but are feeling the pull of society telling you that you should keep track of your exercise levels, you need a step tracker. Many smartphones have built in trackers so if your phone is never out of your hand or pocket, you can easily track your steps. However, if you invest in a smart watch, they also have trackers and heart monitors in them. This can give you a better overall view of your activity levels and if you are doing as much as you think you are during the day.

A quick side note about the Apple Watch…

It’s a favorite for many reasons, but there are some added benefits that you might not realize. If you have older parents, there is a fall function. So if someone takes a tumble, you can be alerted. This is also great if someone goes for a run by themselves as they can be tracked remotely.

9. Pump it up

If you are an elder millennial, you will remember what the clubs were like back in the day. There was no such thing as a smartphone so no one could take pictures of you dancing like an idiot. And here’s the thing, everyone danced like idiots every Friday and Saturday night, and everyone was skinny and fit. Sorry, we don’t make the rules and that is how it happened. Nobody worked out back then, but then someone realized that dancing in the club was a pretty efficient form of exercise. This realization led to the creation of cubberze and the intense dance workouts.

The idea:

Dance like you did at the club and keep the weight off. This is a great idea but it is worth remembering that everyone dances for three or four hours at a time in the club. The Pump It Up Videos which used this idea are so much fun, as they are all put to the dance music that was popular. If you have some lights and want to throw a few cocktails into the mix, we won’t judge you.

10. Strava

This is another running app and it seems to be the most popular option when it comes to running. All you need to do is ask someone who runs a lot what app they use and the answer is probably Strava. Not only can you track your run, just like the Nike app, you can become a Local Legend if you run certain places and hit certain milestones.

This is the app to use if you want to connect with runners that you don’t know!

It is great for running clubs. Run Mummy Run, the running group for mums in the UK have a range of clubs that you can join and become a part of their community. Although, you do have to be a woman to join (we couldn’t find any Run Daddy Run clubs).

Conclusion: best at home workouts & apps

If we are faced with more lockdowns, we have discovered that there are many different ways that we can keep ourselves fit in the face of the gyms being shut. We just need to be creative and choose a program that will work for us.

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