Can Good Bacteria Kill Bad Bacteria? The Importance of Gut Health

good bacteria bad gut healthAre you wondering, “can good bacteria kill bad bacteria”? If you’re looking to learn about the importance of gut health, read on!

Can good bacteria kill bad bacteria? The quick answer to this question is yes.

In fact, if you’re one of the 4 million people using probiotics then you should know that you’re fighting bad bacteria right at this moment.

As you might know, I’m a well known wellness research geek, with a bestselling health-boosting book, Life is Long.

In my book I share a lot about both the good bacteria in our body – and the bad bacteria, too. I will explain how you should keep these in balance within your body at all times – to have amazing gut health and terrific overall wellness benefits.

In this article I’ll be explaining what the deal is with both the good and bad bacteria in our bodies! So keep on reading below!

What Is Gut Health?

By using the term “gut health” people are describing the balance and function of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. This includes organs such as the esophagus, intestines, and stomach.

These organs work together and are what allow our bodies to digest food. When you feel discomfort during digestion then your gut health is most likely not up to par.

Why Should I Pay Attention to My Gut Health?

Paying attention to your gut health is important because it’s a vital process of your bodily functions. All food broken down in the gut area and will turn into a simpler form that can easily enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, nutrients can enter our body without any issues.

This vital process is only possible with a healthy gut.

Now, you may be asking what a healthy gut is. A gut is healthy when it contains good bacteria and immune cells that will ward off any infectious bacteria. A healthy gut will even communicate with other areas of your body, leading you to have a better mindset and overall health.

What Are the Problem Signs?

At some point in life, a person will experience gut issues. This could be anything from pain such as a stomach ache, bloating, constipation, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, and loose stools.

Most of the time these symptoms are minimal and do not last a long time. If these symptoms continue to persist then it could be a sign of bad gut health.

What Are Good Bacteria?

Above I mentioned that part of having a healthy gut is having good bacteria within it. When I say good bacteria we really mean probiotics.

Probiotics consist of good bacteria that live within our bodies. It can even be healthy yeasts that live within our bodies too.

This good bacteria helps to keep your body in working order. This bacteria helps by fighting off the bad bacteria.

This fight between the two will eventually end and leave you feeling healthier than before. When looking at the body as a whole probiotics can even help your entire microbiome.

Your microbiome has a diverse community of organisms. Sometimes it helps to think of your body as a forest. Everything in your body works together to keep everything happy and healthy.

When one thing is off in your body it can lead to bigger issues, such as a domino effect. The microbes in your body are a combination of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. Since everyone’s body is unique no two people have the same microbial cells, this even includes twins.

For one of these microbes to be in the probiotic classification, it must have certain characteristics. These characteristics are things such as being safely consumed, survive in intestines after digestion, have a benefit to your body, and can live being isolated from a human host.

What Are Bad Bacteria?

There is a lot of bad bacteria in the world. When it comes to our bodies they are no exception.

A good balance of bacteria in the body is 85 percent good and 15 percent bad. These bad bacteria are known as pathogenic bacteria or bacteria that can cause diseases, infections, or just make us sick with a cold. In the worst cases, this bacteria can even kill its host.

This bacteria comes into your body through means such as eating junky food, toxins in your environment, and can even be the side effect of stress. Sometimes if your body becomes unbalanced in its homeostasis then it can turn a healthy gut into an unhealthy gut. This means that the bacteria can change from high levels of good to high levels of bad in no time.

When our bodies enter this state it creates an environment that allows for bad bacteria to multiply and take over. Some things that can cause this imbalance are actions like taking too many antibiotics, food that isn’t properly prepared, too much sugar, stress, lack of sleep, and antibacterial soap.

Can Good Bacteria Kill Bad Bacteria?

When it comes to fighting off the bad bacteria in your gut you should highly consider using probiotics. Some doctors say that it isn’t necessary to take foods that are enhanced with probiotics, but if you do you can help your gut return to its healthy state.

Taking probiotics can help to enhance the good bacteria your gut already contains. They will help the good bacteria already present to fight off bad bacteria, decreasing its numbers in no time. This means your gut will be healthy and the balance of your body and mindset will be restored.

How Do Probiotics Ultimately Work?

Now that you’re aware of probiotics being an option for getting rid of bad bacteria you may be wondering how they work.

The main job of this good bacteria is to help maintain a healthy balance in your body. This is done by the probiotics fighting off bad bacteria to help restore this harmonic and healthy balance.

When your gut has good bacteria present it helps by supporting your immune system and helping with inflammation within the body. It can even help you to digest food easily, breakdown and absorb medications better, create vitamins your body needs, help to ensure there isn’t an imbalance again, and make sure bad bacteria doesn’t enter your blood.

It’s important to note that this act of balancing your body is always happening, even as you’re reading this. Good bacteria is already within your body, whether you took a probiotic or not.

Should I Take a Supplement Every Day?

Just like vitamins can easily be taken in pill or gummy form so can probiotics. Even though they are easily accessible and come in many varieties, is taking one daily the right thing to do?

It’s good to keep in mind that there is no easy and quick fix for any ailment your body may have. A safe and effective recovery takes time and effort.

If you’ve noticed that your gut health hasn’t been the best then it may be time to take some probiotics to help that healthy bacteria in your body get a boost. Even though grabbing that supplement may be the fastest and easiest way to do so, you should consider getting your healthy bacteria from food first.

Some doctors believe that more research must be done on probiotic supplements. This is why they recommend getting your probiotics from food first.

For breakfast try incorporating things like sourdough bread and yogurt. At lunch drink kombucha or kefir. Or enjoy a side dish of fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles. At dinner time try to eat fermented things such as miso soup and even kimchi.

If you find that eating these foods daily has been a struggle then it’s okay to consider taking a probiotic supplement. I recommend looking into ProbioZen since it’s made in an FDA regulated facility.

What Are the Overall Health Benefits of Taking Probiotics?

Now that you know how important probiotics are when it comes to the bad bacteria in your body, you may want to start taking them sooner rather than later. Even though we have outlined some of the benefits of probiotics above there are even more upsides to taking them. Below you will find all the benefits that come with taking probiotics.

Probiotics Can Help to Prevent Diarrhea

If you’re someone that suffers from diarrhea then you may want to consider taking probiotics to help. This good bacteria is well known for helping to prevent and even reduce the severity of diarrhea.

You may have this symptom due to taking a medication such as antibiotics. This is because antibiotics are used to affect the balance of bacteria in the gut and not in a good way.

They Can Help to Improve Mental Health

There are studies that link gut health to having positive effects on the body’s mood and overall health. These studies have also found that the use of probiotics can help to improve the mental health of those who take them.

Those who took probiotics regularly had improvement in mental health disorders such as anxiety, autism, depression, memory, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. So when you have the bacteria balanced in your gut it will help your body overall.

Probiotics Can Help to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Eating food high in probiotics or even taking a supplement regularly can help your heart. When taken regularly probiotics can help lower bad cholesterol and even blood pressure.

Even foods that have lactic acid, such as yogurt, can be used to help cholesterol by breaking down bile better in the gut area. Since bile is a fluid made mostly of cholesterol that is used to break down food it should stay in the gut.

Probiotics help to break down bile instead of having the gut reabsorb it. When the gut absorbs bile it then enters the bloodstream and leads to high cholesterol.

Probiotics Can Help with Allergies

Certain strains of probiotics can help with the severity at which you experience allergies. This can be anything from getting a stuffy nose during pollen season to your year-round case of eczema.

When taking probiotics daily can help to make eczema less severe. When it comes to seasonal allergies, probiotics can be used to lessen inflammation and in turn, make the season more bearable.

They Can Help Boost Your Immune System

When you take care of your gut you can boost the effectiveness of your immune system. Since probiotics can help to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and boost the good bacteria in your system you can easily fight off a cold.

Some probiotics can even help to develop antibodies within your system. They may even boost immune cells such as T lymphocytes, natural killer cells, and IgA-producing cells.

They Can Help You Lose Weight

Have you got pesky belly fat that just doesn’t seem to go away? If so, you may need to get your gut health in order to blast it off.

Since some probiotics help to prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine it can help you shed a few pounds and keep off the weight. This is due to the fat not being absorbed is discarded through feces rather than being stored within your body.

These powerful good bacteria can also help your weight loss since they make you feel fuller for longer. In my ground breaking video course, Stop Emotional Eating, I explain how this means you will eat less and have a lower calorie intake.

Can Good Bacteria Kill Bad Bacteria? Now You Know the Answer

Now you can confidently answer the question of can good bacteria kill bad bacteria. I have given you the insight to gut health and how our bodies contain both healthy and bad bacteria.

From here together we looked at how probiotics can be used to boost the good bacteria you already have and blast that bad bacteria out. I also touched based on the other benefits of taking a probiotic daily – such as weight loss and better mental health. Now you’re also aware of all the benefits your body can have when you take probiotics and level your body out.

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