How to Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size: A Detailed Guide

How to Find Out Your Girlfriend's Ring SizeDid you know that the average spend on an engagement ring is $6,351 and that the average time it takes to find the right ring is 3.5 months?

Those who want to dazzle their significant other with a proposal need to dedicate a lot of planning for popping the question. You’ll need plenty of time and know-how to plan and have the perfect romantic set-up, which includes the perfect ring.

If you need some help with your proposal, you’re in the right place! Check out this helpful guide on how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size.

I’m a romantic about love and marriage. I survived a Prince Harming and went on to finally create the happy family I always dreamed about – late in life. I’m bringing you this article because I want to support as many happy unions as possible in our world.

Everything You Need to Know About How to Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Most proposals are planned in secret because surprise adds to the romance of the proposal. But a big part of the proposal is the ring; you need to make sure you choose the right style and ring fit. You don’t want your potential fiancee to not like the ring, or even worse, for it not to fit her finger.

Luckily, there’s a variety of ways you can find out your girlfriend’s ring size without ruining the surprise.

1. Guess

The first option when it comes to how to get a woman’s ring size right isn’t necessarily the most accurate. You can take a guess of her size, based on the average ring sizes and her height, weight, and build.

The average ring size for women in the United States is between sizes 5 and 7. However, your girlfriend’s finger might be larger or smaller than these sizes due to her height, weight, or whether she’s right or left-handed.

2. Find Her Other Rings

If your girlfriend wears rings on a regular basis or has some in her jewelry box, then you might have a foolproof way of identifying your girl’s ring size. You could borrow one of her rings and take it to a jeweler.

The jeweler will be able to tell you what size ring she has and which ring size you’ll need to buy. The jeweler will also be able to show you  both their traditional and unique engagement ring collections and help to work out which is the right ring for her.

3. Trace Her Rings

If you aren’t able to take one of her rings to a jeweler or you’re afraid she might notice that it’s missing, then you could also trace around the ring to get the outline of it. Use a piece of paper to trace the inside and outside of the ring.

You can then either take this to the jeweler or look up online the different ring sizes and match her size to one of them. Alternatively, you could make a mold of the ring in a bar of soap and take the imprint to a jeweler to find out her ring size.

4. Take Her Shopping

Wondering how to find her ring size and treat her at the same time? Then take her shopping for a ring, you could say you just want to buy her something nice or maybe it’s an earlier birthday present.

Hopefully, she’ll be smitten by your nice gesture and won’t read into it being an ulterior motive. But either way, you’ll get to find out what size ring to get her for the engagement ring.

5. Ask Her Friends or Family

A simple way to find out her ring size without her getting suspicious is by asking her friends or family to help you. This option might not be the right one if you want to keep the proposal secret from everyone, but if you just want to keep it a secret from your girlfriend, then definitely ask the people who know her.

They might already know her ring size, from previous presents they’ve bought her. Or they might have to ask her. However, she’s less likely to be suspicious if her best friend or mom asks her about it, as opposed to you asking her.

6. Measure Her Finger

You could always just measure her finger yourself. However, this approach needs stealth and sneakiness on your part. It also requires your girlfriend to be a heavy sleeper, otherwise, she’ll wake up and see what you’re doing.

Get a tape measure, or use a piece of string, to get her exact measurements. This is the most exact approach you can take to find out her ring size, but it is the riskiest one.

7. Ask Her

If you still can’t find out her ring size and don’t mind about the proposal not being a surprise, you could always ask her. Getting her input on size and preferred style will definitely ensure that she gets the proposal and engagement ring she wants. It might also take some pressure off your proposal planning.

If you do want to keep the small and intimate details of the proposal a surprise, you could just ask her for her ring size and then keep everything else a surprise. She’ll know that a proposal is coming, but she won’t know when, where, or what kind. This still gives you plenty of opportunities to plan the perfect proposal.

Once you’ve figured out your girlfriend’s ring size, you can then go onto looking for the perfect ring. If you’re planning a proposal on a budget, have a look at jewelry at wholesale prices and find the perfect ring for less.

Plan an Unforgettable Proposal That She Can’t Refuse

Please use this guide on how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size to help you plan an unforgettable proposal that she can’t refuse. Remember, there are countless, creative ways you can find out her ring size without having to directly ask her.

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