8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your New Baby

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your New Baby

If you’re expecting a little one, then you will love these 8 fun ways to celebrate your new baby! Read on…

It’s always a special time to welcome a new baby into your world. And as a parent you want to do all that you can to celebrate that baby and their new presence.

All of the fun that you can have as a family is ahead of you. And that means that you need to think about all of the ways that you can announce them and celebrate their life.

There are so many amazing ways that you can do this, no matter who you are having a baby with – or not having a baby with!

No worries – I’m here to help.

As you might know, I am a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I founded a groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love sharing insights and strategies to help people to be happier and calmer – especially during challenging times. And having a newborn to take care of definitely counts as a stressful time.

So, without further ado, here are some fun ways to celebrate your new baby.

8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your New Baby

Below, we’ve got some of the most fun ways that you can celebrate your new baby!

1. Wet the baby’s head.

One of the oldest traditions for traditional Dads is to go out to the bar or pub and ‘wet the baby’s head’. Having the first beer as a parent is a big deal for some families. And they often pair it with a gift of Rocky Patel cigars that they’re gifted. Going for a drink with all of the friends and family will be a big party and celebration. You should make sure that all are involved in the planning

2. Host a baby shower.

Often, your friends will do this for you if you have a baby to celebrate. They’ll gather your closest family and friends and everyone will shower you with gifts. Some will be gender exclusive and some won’t. There is usually a theme. Everyone gets involved with the whole day. It’s a good reason to get the family together for a party!

3. Don’t want a shower? Do a sprinkle!

Some people aren’t a fan of the idea of a baby shower. Maybe you had one already with the first born in your family. If you don’t want a full baby shower, a sprinkle is often the best thing that you can do. A sprinkle is a much smaller affair. It’s not usually a focus to give gifts. Instead it’s all about the togetherness, celebration and games.

4. Do a big gender reveal.

If you know what you are having, you can host a large party to reveal that to all of your friends and family. When you do a gender reveal, you get everyone together and play various gender reveal games. A gender reveal is going to be a wonderful way to celebrate as a family. You can bet that a new baby on board will be showered with new gifts here! 

5. Enjoy A Babymoon.

Before you have your new baby, you can have a babymoon; a weekend away with your partner to have couples massages, to reconnect,  to eat good food and even swim! You can spend time together before your life changes forever. It’s going to be one of the best trips you ever take, too, because once you do that, you can feel prepared as a couple for what’s to come. 

6. Plan a Mommy party.

It’s a new idea but it’s effective! A bachelorette is the party you have when you are getting married, but when you are about to have a baby it’s all about the Mommy party. This is a party with gifts for you and not for the baby, with games for you and not about the baby. You can get away with your friends and have a great time at a spa and spend time just loving the friends around you. It’s a good idea for all new mothers who will need some support from their friends. 

7. Explore A Blessingway.

Have you heard of this one? It’s a kind, gentle new tradition for nervous mothers who are about to give birth. Usually you set this up as close to the mom’s due date as possible. And it’s focused on good thoughts, encouragement and making her feel happy. Basically, it’s all about focusing on positive words and affirmations and making the mom feel cool and calm in the wake of the changes that she’s about to go through. Yes, you can do a little something to make the new mother feel loved and supported.

8. Plan a Dad party.

Don’t worry Dad, you’re not left out! Diaper parties are the new trend for the boys in your life. They can learn to change diapers, to bathe the baby and to hold the baby with the help of a doll! It’s got beer! Plus it’s got other Dad’s offering tips and tricks. When you pair it with a sports game and get all the boys together, you can be sure to have fun.

Life changes with a new baby!

You should ensure that you feel good about it all when that baby comes into your life. Feel strong and supported – you can do this!

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