Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions (Q & A with Danielle Pashko)

Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions (Q & A with Danielle Pashko)Here’s The Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions! Learn what you should eat- or not eat – and drink – or not drink – in the morning!

Today I’m interviewing Danielle Pashko on the best breakfasts for weight loss. She is my personal go-to nutritionist – who is always giving me the best advice on how to stay my slimmest, healthiest most energetic self.

As you might know, I’m a recovered stress eater. When I was pregnant with my son Ari, I gained about 90 pounds on my five foot 3 three frame.  That is not a typo. And no, I was not pregnant with a teenager! I was stress eating.

Eventually I wound up experiencing some health issues around my weight gain. I then went into research mode and I developed tools to retrain my brain to naturally crave healthier foods and more self-loving habits. I share my psychological tools in Stop Emotional Eating  – a life changing video course – which has helped many thousands to master their cravings – and stop stress eating!.

I’m enthusiastic about helping as many people as I can to become their healthiest selves – as I maintain my best health possible.

The other day Danielle was talking with me about what to eat (or not eat) – and drink (or not drink) at breakfast time – to start the day with ultimate energy and health.

Danielle shared some very surprising ideas about breakfast – and I wanted to pass on her insights.

Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions

Q: What do you think of drinking latte’s at breakfast?

Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions (Q & A with Danielle Pashko)Most people don’t realize how caloric latte’s are. Even the non-fat kind can end up being a few hundred calories.

Chai Latte’s are especially misleading because they normally are mixed in with a pre-made chai mix that’s loaded with sugar or carbohydrates.

You are much better off ordering a regular coffee with a splash of whole milk than getting the skim latte.

Q: Do you recommend flavored non-fat non-dairy creamers in coffee?

When you find those awesome non-dairy flavored creamers that claim to be only 25 calories it seems like a no-brainer.

But once you read the ingredients, not only are they full of chemicals – but the servings are so misleading.

Even if you get the health store brands, a serving is typically a teaspoon.

Most people use 3-4 times that amount – so an innocent cup of coffee becomes a whopping 75-100 calories.

Q: What do you think about Smoothies for breakfast?

Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions (Q & A with Danielle Pashko)Smoothies can be a great breakfast option but you need to be mindful of how much fruit (and what kind of fruit) you use – so you watch your intake of sugar, calories and carbs.

If you are making the smoothie your meal, it’s important for it to be filling.

Protein will help with satiation – while using less fruit. I suggest a non-allergenic protein powder made from rice or pea (skip the almond or peanut butter).

Plus use organic berries (not high sugar fruits like bananas and dates).

Oh – and be sure to add a green vegetable such as kale or spinach. For extra fiber, a tablespoon of flax or chia seeds adds fiber – and will make it thicker.

Otherwise if you make your smoothie with high glycemic fruits like bananas and mix in nut butters you’re simply gobbling down lots of fat, sugar and calories – making the smoothie a diet disaster.

Q: What do you think about oatmeal – friend or foe?

Oatmeal can be a great breakfast option – but the best way to make it is with an individual packet if you are watching your weight.

Be sure to add a little fruit, sliced/chopped almonds and cinnamon – so you have a great source of fiber with a little protein. Plus the cinnamon is good for your blood sugar.

On the other-hand, if you order oatmeal in a cafe they’ll typically over-serve you 2 to 3 servings . That’s not only far too many calories (about 500 calories) – that’s far too many carbs – unless you are a body builder.

I suggest people take a packet of oatmeal to work – so if you don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, you can just add a little water and have breakfast at your desk.

Danielle Pashko is a NYC-based wellness guru.  She is the author of the popular health book Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits: Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Chicks Make!

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