Stop Complaining: Why It Kills Happiness And A Complaint Cleanse Tool

ari salmansohnStop complaining – because it’s killing your happiness! Read on for 4 tools – including how/why you should go on a Complaint Cleanse! 

Everybody talks about the importance of appreciation – how it’s such a big-time happiness booster.

Truth be told, appreciation very much deserves all the attentive, flattering PR it receives!

But today I’d like to discuss the dangers of appreciation’s extreme opposite: depreciation.

Let me state clearly that “depreciation” is not simply the absence of appreciation. It’s the presence of focusing on problems, flaws and disappointments.

Some standard definitions of depreciation:

  • to lessen the value of
  • to belittle
  • to represent as being of less merit

There are a lot of people out there who are depreciators – walking around, looking for things to complain about – even when they have many reasons to rejoice.

They speak in sentences that begin with “but” or “if only” or “what if.”

As a result, depreciators wind up devaluing a lot of good stuff they should be feeling quite giddy about!

By decreasing the value of what’s around them – they decrease the love, joy and inner calm they feel in their lives.

How and Why You Become a Depreciator

1. You can become a depreciator if you’ve experienced great challenges   – or a very traumatizing event.

I know after I found myself blindsided by a Prince Harming, I became an accidental depreciator in the beginning of my next relationship. I found myself looking at my partner through a magnifying glass, on a hunt to find what might be wrong with him, so I wouldn’t be surprised by another karate kick to my heart.

Unfortunately, being a depreciator is a lot like being an emotional hypochondriac.

You think every sneeze is a potential death knell.  If you’re not careful, this emotional hypochondria can manifest into self-fulfilling problems. Thankfully, I caught myself in depreciation-mode before I did too much damage to my relationship.

Two things are for sure:

  • It’s no fun being a depreciator.
  • It’s no fun being with one, either!

Basically, when you’re a depreciator, you can get so caught up looking for teeny-tiny flaws, that you miss the big beautiful picture of what’s right in front of you.

stop complaining

Go On A Complaint Cleanse! Stop Complaining And Love Your Life And People More!

2.  You can become a depreciator after everything starts to go awesomely for you – when “amazing” becomes your new normal.

Basically, when things start to be too good to be true – you can become a non-believing depreciator –  looking for how things might be not-so-good or un-true.

You get paranoid about how the expression “this too shall pass” also applies to the happy stuff.

You focus on what might go wrong – instead of trusting and honoring what’s going right.

3.  You can become a depreciator after you’ve scored a blessing which has been ongoing for many years running.

For example, that delicious honeymoon glow can begin to wane after a few years of a committed relationship – or a few years of a wished-for job – or a few years after attaining anything which had once been a mere dream-bubble over your head!

All of these dreamed-for-blessings you ultimately get, can eventually become “invisible blessings” which you ultimately forget!

After you’ve had a blessing for a long time, it can become murkier to see what a blessing it is! As a result, you can depreciate your blessing’s value.

4. You can become a depreciator even after a few hours of scoring a blessing – if you’re got low-self esteem! 

Basically, if you don’t have high-self worth, you can wind up lowering the worth of what you achieve – reappraising the value of what you’d once praised.

It’s the ol’: “I Don’t Want To Belong To a Club Which Will Have Me as a Member Syndrome.”

stop complaining5. You can become a depreciator when you’re someone who gets turned on by the thrill of the kill – the endorphin high of the hunt.

As soon as you snag your desire, your desire is lessened.

You see it as a less big thing – because you love the thrill of seeking the next big thing.

Take a moment today to quiz yourself on these 5 ways you can become a depreciator.

  • Do they resonate with you?
  • Are you presently looking at life through a “depreciator’s” eyes?
  • Are you seeking out opportunities to feel bad, sad, disappointed or offended  – instead of appreciating the good, the joy, the beauty, the miraculous?
  • Do you have “invisible blessings” which need to be tallied up and accounted for?
  • If so…here are….

4 Tools To Help You Stop Complaining

1. Be more mindful of purposefully looking for occasions to be happy.

Take time to see the beauty in others — to be grateful for what you’ve attracted – to see the magic in life.

Make sure your blessings are fully seen by listing them daily in a journal – 10 things each day! Switch ’em up – so your list is always graced with newly mentioned blessings.

(Click here to check out by best selling Instant Happy Journal!)

stop complaining2. Think of your thoughts as being like a steering wheel.

Wherever your thoughts go, this is where you/your life will go!

When you think this way, it’s easier to commit to being an appreciator (focusing on what’s working right) instead of a depreciator (focusing on what’s not working).

3. Remember: The energy you emit is the energy you attract!

When you think this way, you’re less likely to want to be a depreciator – because you’re more aware of how negativity puts you in a lower energy vibration.

Basically, when you are a depreciator it’s like spraying yourself with anti-charisma!

Meanwhile, when you’re an appreciator – you raise your energy vibration up higher  – thereby becoming more of a love-magnet and happiness-magnet. With this in mind, make a commitment to complain less, and love your life more.

You can start by going on a Complaint Cleanse – and vow not to complain for 7 days in a row.

Feel how that feels. Also keep in mind the 20/80 rule when it comes to something you truly need to complain about: talk 20% the problem, 80% on the solution.

4. Repeat after me: It’s a hell of a lot more fun to be a grateful appreciator instead of a hateful depreciator!

Enough said!

Make time for calm

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