Gratitude Journaling Increases Happiness: Research and Tools

Gratitude Journaling Increases Happiness: Research and Tools

gratitude journaling Increases Happiness: Research and Tools
Research shows that gratitude journaling increases happiness. If you want support to add more appreciation and joy into your life, here’s how and why to use a gratitude journal.

Gratitude is a fabulous life sweetener – and that’s a researched fact.

Gratitude increases happiness, according to researchers at University of California.

If you’ve never had a gratitude journal, here’s how and why to keep one.

In a recent study, University of California researchers divided participants into 3 groups.

  • The 1st wrote once a week into a gratitude journal about 5 things they were grateful about.
  • The 2nd described 5 daily hassles in a journal.
  • The 3rd listed 5 random events.

The results?

Those in the 1st gratitude journal group reported….

  • an increase in happiness
  • more optimism about their future
  • more improvement in health problems than the other 2 groups

In summary?

Gratitude is good for you in mind, body and spirit.

Gratitude Journaling Increases Happiness: Research and Tool
Your assignment:

  • Start a gratitude journal – right now. Grab an old journal or buy a new journal. Do it in this moment – so you don’t forget about doing it later.
  • As you go through your day, keep your eyes open for things which you are thankful about happening.
  • Write in your journal every evening.
  • List at least 3 specific things you’re grateful for – which you experienced uniquely from that particular day.
  • Make it a “must” to always list new things you’re grateful about – so you are forced to really be present throughout your day.
  • Bonus: Send an email or text of gratitude to someone you appreciate. Keep switching up the person you choose – so you make your tribe of loved ones feel fully appreciated on a regular basis.
  • This exercise of keeping a gratitude journal will time train your eyes and ears to be naturally open for things to appreciate about your life. In time, it will become easier and easier to list new,  unique things in your day that you’re grateful about.

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