Is saying you’re realistic a way to rationalize negativity?

being realistic rationalize negativity

Is saying you’re realistic really a way to rationalize negativity? Read on for insights on the difference between realism and being cynical.

(Note: This is a guest blog from Renate Vullings)

Have you ever noticed people who often look at the dark side of the moon tend to think of themselves as being “realistic”?

They may say:

“Life is hard and you always have to keep in my mind what can go wrong.”

But I can’t help but wonder:

Aren’t they máking life difficult by looking at it from this negative perspective?

If you always have an eye on what can go wrong – and what’s difficult – is there still time left to pay attention to what is right, to see the possibilities?

Is saying you’re realistic simply a way to rationalize negativity?

Are people who try to be “realistic” about things – simply standing in their own way of happiness?

How realistic is it to always have your attention on negative pitfalls?

realistic or negative thinking karen salmansohnnDo you still have your eyes open for the stepping stones, spring-boards, red carpets, the extending helping hands life also has to offer?

Are you only seeing half the picture?

Because how much can you really taste life if you’re busy trying to look for the truth of things – and avoiding seeking the positive of things?

Plus – can you truly see what life has to offer if you are simultaneously wanting to protect yourself from life?

So, let’s be realistic here.

I’m not appealing to you to believe in fairytales, or escape into a dreamworld.

On the contrary.

But I am encouraging you to shift your attention more frequently to …

  • what can turn out right
  • and what is already right

I am asking you to try to be realistic without the negativity.

realistic negative quoteHow? You must simply be willing to glimpse and embrace the possible obstacles – but without limiting your life force, your energy, your vision.

Your mission:

  • head in the clouds
  • both feet on the ground

This is how we can very realistically make our dreams come true – without thinking we require negativity as a grumpy bodyguard.

by  Renate Vullings … for more of her writings and more about her….click here!

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