How to Stop Numbing Your Feelings with Food And Stop Emotional Eating.

Stop Numbing Your Feelings with Food And Stop Emotional Eating.

numbing yourself with food
As a recovered emotional eater, it took me a long time to stop numbing feelings with food. Here’s my story and tools for recovery.

It’s almost Thanksgiving –  and I’m reminded of how “dangerous” this time of year used be for me.

I know I’m not alone. Holiday time can bring up a lot of uncomfortable emotions – which for many people can lead to over eating or over drinking.

After all, you’re surrounded by lots of family members – which can result in a range of stresses & emotional triggers.

I know this personally – because I’m a recovered emotional eater.

For years I’d numb myself with food whenever I felt uncomfortable feelings.

And I especially felt a lot of uncomfortable feelings during the holidays.

So I’d find myself turning to binge eating for comfort.

Unfortunately wolfing down those slices of pumpkin pie simply offered me temporary comfort.

But it was far easier to numb my feelings than to face them.

So numb them I did! 

But the truth is: The less we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, the less we allow ourselves to truly live.

Every time I numbed myself with food, I was feeding a need in the moment. But I was not feeding a deeper need – the spiritual needs of my truest self – which was in pain – and needed some loving tending to.

numbing feelings with food
When my son turned 2, I finally decided to face up to my ongoing issues with emotional eating.

Unfortunately I needed to – for scary health reasons.

Yes. A frightening call from my doctor became the wake up call I needed to FINALLY become motivated to change.

So I went into research geek mode. I read piles of cutting edge research, interviewed our world’s top health experts and mental health experts – and gathered together a range of results proven tools to retrain my brain to stop emotional eating – in a long lasting way.

I’m proud to say these psychological tools worked – and they continue to work – to stop me from stress eating.

For about a decade now I no longer numb myself with food.

As a result, I have experienced both…

  • outer benefits
  • inner benefits

The outer benefits are obvious to the world.

I lost 20 pounds in 3 months – and I’ve kept the weight off ever since.

The inner benefits are not as obvious – but even more powerful – and helpful to my happiness.

After I stopped numbing myself with food, I got in touch with my deepest self – my truest me – my bravest self who was open to experiencing challenging emotions – and working through them!

As a result, I now experience a deeper daily happiness, better relationships with people – and more creativity and productivity with my work.

(No surprise with the business benefits! I was stress eating as a way to cope with work pressures too!)

Now I want to help as many people as possible to stop emotional eating – so I condensed everything I learned and do into a life-changing video course.

If you use food to numb yourself, I encourage you to check out my video course Stop Emotional Eating!

The video training I share has already helped many thousands of people from around the world – to develop life long healthier eating habits.

I’d love for you to be my next happy success story!

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Wishing you a truly happy holidays!

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